Neon lil Mama {Baby Gibby Update}

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We are almost a the 4 month mark ANNND This weekend we find out if its a boy or girl! I cant even handle the excitement. eeeeeeeep!
Boy/Girl- WE FIND OUT IN FIVE DAYS! Enough said 🙂
Weight Gain/Loss- Gained 1lb. Still wearing normal clothes and I wear dresses like these to accentuate the tiny bump I have. I know over the next few weeks this baby will be a lot more noticeable 🙂 Cant wait to sport a bump! 
Symptoms– headaches and boy do they stink. We think this has to do with my not being able to eat as much as night and we hope to get some clarity for the doc next week. 
Cravings– still lots of fruit, cold veggies and the newest one is Sushi. boooo! I have had a few California rolls after I talk to the chef and make sure they don’t use the same knives as they use for the other rolls. My aversion is still Mexican food and its still driving me bananas.
Fit Mom– Back on the train! I have managed to get in 3 workouts this past week in-between the headaches and nausea. I am slowly starting to feel like myself again. 
Mommy Moment- I felt the baby flutter last week! It was the strangest yet most amazing feeling I have ever felt. Now I want to feel it all the time 🙂
Dreaming About– Dreaming about what this lil bit is! I sit around and imagine Drew holding a baby girl or boy all the time. I cant wait to see him as a daddy. ::swoon::
Gender Reveal– The party is sunday and I will be posting what lil gibby is around 7:30
Thanks for stopping by! 

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  1. Fran @ Sassy Southern Bride

    I've been thinking about getting that dress and now that I see how good it looks on you I want it! Plus Red Dress is too not far from where I live so I get orders super quick. Yep, sounds like I've talked myself into it.

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