20 Weeks Baby Gibby Update

If anyone needs this top, its a preggo!

last week pic! 
Hey there! Well we are officially at our half way point with the pregnancy! I cant even believe it. The last 20 weeks have flown by and from what I hear, the next 20 don’t seem to fly by as quick. 
I have been slacking on the bumpdates ( I haven’t even taken a 20 week pic yet!), so here is the latest on me and miss Olivia 
Gender- Well we got it confirmed yesterday.. definitely still a sweet baby girl!
Olivia Mae- Thought I would add a few tidbits about our little princess to the bumpdates. At our 20 week anatomy appt we were told she is perfectly healthy. We are feel SO SO blessed and thank the Lord for giving us this sweet healthy girl! She has been moving around so much and I love every single bit of it
Weight Gain/Clothes- I have gained a total of 6lbs. The bump is definitely starting to make its appearance and my jeans are starting to get snugger. I can still wear a lot of my normal clothes, but I will be picking up a belly band very soon! I cant stand tight jeans! yuck! I still laugh at my new “girls” too. Boy those came fast! hah!
Daddy Moment- I seem to have moments all the time lately with our baby girl, but Drew had another big moment this past Saturday. He felt her kick for the first time! He was all smiles and I was of course tearing up. Such a sweet moment. 
Cravings/Symptoms- My nausea is almost gone and my appetite is slowly coming back. I still battle the occasional headache, but I am starting to feel like me again. Food hasn’t changed much, still fruit, cold veggies, and big salads. I am just enjoying the fact that thinking about food doesn’t make me sick!
Fit Mama- With my new energy I am able to do more to keep up my fitness. The 3-4 days a week workouts are a lot easier now. 
Dreaming of- We are starting on Olivia’s room soon! Oh boy I cant wait to share the details will yall! 
Funny Moment- So I eat with my niece still once a week and she will ask me if I want a bite of her food. If I say no, she will ask “Well does OLIIBIA want a bite?” Cutest.thing.ever
Thanks for reading and come back soon!

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