Quick Note

Well we had a crazy start to our vacay. I woke up yesterday morning with sharp pains on my right side. We were set to leave that morning for our trip but it we didn’t feel comfortable leaving without seeing our doctor. Of course I played Dr. Google and had myself convinced it was my appendix. I think google should be banned when you are preggo. 🙂 Thankfully Olivia and I were cleared by the dr and I was told that the sharp stretching pains were round ligament pains. I spent the day resting and feel much better today.

Sooo.. My blogging will be random as we enjoy our vacation! I am enlisting my hubs to take some outfit pics for me with all the gorgeous scenery we will be around. I have lots of gorgeous outfits to share, so get ready for lots of blogging next week!

Have a great day!

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3 thoughts on “Quick Note

  1. Sassy

    Glad everything is ok! I feel like aches and pains and the fear that comes with them is amplified when you're pregnant – and understandably so. Have fun on vacay!

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