31 Weeks

Sweater Kohls
31 weeks… 31 weeks! what!?! Y’all she is going to be here so soon!!!!
Weight Gain/ Clothes- Up another pound, taking the total to 15lbs. Clothes are still the same as last week. Maternity Jeans are fantastic and tops are still normal.
Symptoms- feeling great! She is moving and flipping a lot.  I get some aches from that, but I welcome all those pains because that means she is a healthy active little one.
Olivia Mae- we got to see her yesterday at our ultrasound. She was hiding quite a bit, but it was so amazing to see her features. She is measuring great and the Doc is still predicting around 7lbs. 
Room Progress- Oh guys.. I am loving how her room is coming together! Last week I told my grandpa about the mini luggage cart I wanted to make for Olivia’s Room. I drew a picture and then 4 days later… he surprised me and made it!! Is it not the cutest thing you have ever seen? My papa is pretty amazing.
Sadie Jane- Well Sadie is getting used to the “new room” At first when I was in the room a lot, she would stand by the door and bark at me. She now comes on in and relaxes under Olivia’s bed. I do not think we will have any issues with Sadie and baby Olivia. I think we will have more of an issue of Sadie being very protective of her!
Cravings- I had a big craving for Chicken Chili this past weekend and my mom and I threw together a delicious soup (will post recipe!) I love anything pumpkin and still crave salads with ranch dressing.
Looking forward to- My shower this weekend! My sisters, mom, and friends have kept me in the dark on EVERYTHING. I absolutely cant wait to celebrate our precious baby girl with everyone and see all the gorgeous details they came up with.
Thank you to everyone that sent me breast feeding advise. I appreciate it so so much.

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  1. Meredith

    I can't you are 31 weeks already!!! Eek home stretch. I love the clothes rack, would love to have my dad make one for Millie, where did he find plans? If you don't mind sharing. My dad made Millie a dollhouse for her birthday and a cradle for my shower present. Go our talented Papa's 😉

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