Baby Olivia (28 Weeks)

We are now at the 7 month mark! I really cant believe how quickly time is passing by. In less than 3 months we will get to meet our sweet Olivia Mae!
Weight Gain- I would guess I am up another 2lbs,(total around 14lbs) but I will know for sure at our appt tmrw. The bump has officially popped!
Clothes- Still wearing a few pairs of my normal jeans and I picked up some pretty cute colored maternity skinnies. I don’t like the over the belly band maternity jeans at all. For some reason they make me feel claustrophobic. I have started investing in some tunics for when it gets cooler and my dresses are still fitting pretty good.
Movement- She is a little dancer around 8-12am then around 6-7 am she starts it up again. She seems to like when I eat chocolate too :).

Cravings- still enjoying tomatoes, oranges, and salad wraps. I have not had any crazy cravings yet. Breakfast is still my favorite meal of the day and my appetite is still low at dinner time.

Symptoms- the occasional headache and the nausea seems to be hit or miss lately. I have also had a couple of restless nights. I have been sleeping like a baby up to this point, so I cant complain too much
Fit Mama- Still doing arm weights and walking.
Baby Girls Room- We painted the room last weekend and this past weekend the crib got customized. I am getting so excited to see the finished product and to share it with yall!
Looking forward to- Seeing our girl on the 4d ultrasound in a couple weeks. I cant wait to see her sweet little face!!
I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend!!

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