Baby Update & A Pretty Coat

33 weeks and moving right along!
Weight Gain/Clothes- Total Gain is 17lbs. Pants are maternity for the post part and tops are normal. I have been looking for some basic black and neutral maternity tops to get me through this last month and half. 
Symptoms- heartburn! Anything and everything seems to aggravate it. A bit of nausea has returned too. Afternoon Naps are much needed and I plan on taking as many as I possibly can before her arrival. 
Cravings- Sweet Breads and Fruit. My appetite is still a lot bigger in the mornings. I am not sure if I mentioned before but Olivia is not a fan of tea. I am not a huge fan of sweet tea, but anytime I try to drink even unsweetened tea. I feel terrible! Basically all she likes is water. 
Olivia Mae- We didn’t get the best pictures at our 4d which I blame on myself. I didn’t realize you are supposed to go around 26-28 weeks,oops! We did get a few pictures of her sweet little nose and plump lips. I think she looks like Drew in the eyes and me from the nose down.  Of course you can only tell so much from those pictures 🙂 We saw that she has hair too!
Funny Moment- My nieces and nephew are so excited for Olivia. I saw my nephew on Tuesday and before he even said hi, he pointed to my bump and said “it got bigger!” silly boy. 
Room Progress- The room is pretty much done! Her dresser got put together last night and its absolutely perfect. I may wait till Olivia gets here to share nursery pics. My job is getting really busy for end of the year and we are busy preparing for the babies arrival. 
Other Baby News- My little sister finds out TODAY if she is having a boy or girl. I go back and fourth on what I think it is, but leaning towards boy. Drew thinks its a girl. I guess we will see!
It is no where NEAR “coat weather” but, I had to share this beauty with you all. I have become obsessed with this color and I adore the leather detailing on this coat. 

Coat OASAP c/o || Shoes ASOS
Have a great weekend!

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6 thoughts on “Baby Update & A Pretty Coat

  1. Katie Marie

    Hi ! First off, you look AMAZING. Congratulations! So fun to watch both you and Leslie as you grew into your pregnancies and kept your style, grace and sense of humor.

    1) What size coat are you wearing? Are the sleeves tight on the coat?

    2) Do you know how you enter the coupon code on the site?! I even sent an email asking website how to enter and haven't received response. DYING to order the coat!!!

  2. capperson

    I can't believe you are so tiny at 33 weeks. I am 32 weeks and look way further along than you :/ 17lbs is awesome. I've gained 23 :/ I love the name. Olivia is also a name we were throwing around, however we decided on Willa Gayle.
    My sister and I were also pregnant together. She had a girl two weeks ago. 4lbs 9oz
    And I actually crave sweet tea. Now I can't have it though because I have gestational diabetes 🙁 Unsweet tea it is. And heartburn is one of my biggest complaints also. I HATE it!!

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