37.5 Weeks Bumpdate

Happy Friday Dolls! We are officially in baby waiting mode and I for one am on pins and needles! I am so anxious and excited to meet our sweet baby girl. We will have a better idea next week on when Olivia will make her debut. Hey she could decide to come this weekend!

37 1/2 week bump yall!

(outfit post on this gorgeous coat coming next week!)

Weight Gain/Clothes- around 22lbs. I am not changing much week to week but my bump I swear grows overnight! Jeans are maternity and although they are comfortable, I am looking forward to buttoning a pair of jeans in the future haha. Tops are non maternity as well as coats and jackets.

Symptoms- still having contractions which makes me feel nauseous at times I have random bursts of energy but this time change has done a number on me and I am SO tired come 8-9pm. I  have not experienced any swelling.. yet. I drink a lot of water so that definitely helps keep that at bay.

Cravings- Food is back to not sounding oh so great. I think there is not much room for it! I do still love breakfast and need something sweet almost daily.

Looking forward to- Seeing our girl! We cant wait to see what she looks like and pray pray pray that she arrives safely. We have prayed so much for this sweet girl and we are SO excited to finally meet her.

Olivia-  She is still measuring to be around 7lbs. She is quite strong and loves to jab at her mama haha. I think I will miss feeling her inside me.

If anyone has any pointers on what  to bring to the hospital, for the baby, Drew or myself, please let me know! Olivia’s bag is packed and mine is basically ready to go, but I know I probably have forgotten something.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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7 thoughts on “37.5 Weeks Bumpdate

  1. Jessica M

    A nightlight, a pen and paper (this is huge!), nursing tank top (so much easier/comfier than a bra) and Lansinoh Soothies (these are the best things EVER!). We also took some snacks (granola bars, etc.) which were a huge help for us all. Oh, and a box or sturdy bag to take home all the gifts, flowers, etc. people bring you. Good luck!!

  2. Anna

    My baby girl arrived 8 weeks ago and the one thing that was a life/pain saver was something that my mid-wife made. Take a clean mens sock and fill it with rice and tie a knot in the top. Microwave it for 1 min. The heat from the rice is a great pain killer and it relaxes you to help labor do its job. I had a sock around my lower back and it was GREAT! After having seven children without the use of drugs, this was a really good pain intervention that I wish I'd had known about with baby #1. Praying for you!

  3. Annie

    So excited for you!! You look just adorable, and I'm not surprised at all that you're still wearing normal tops. 🙂

    You'll definitely want comfy pants and tops to wear in the hospital. When visitors come flooding in after the baby is born, you won't be feeling you're best, so stay as comfy as possible! Definitely a nursing tank, and the Lansinoh Soothies are great, though you might not need those until a couple days later.

    And one final bit of advice.. don't be surprised if that baby girl stays put for another couple weeks. I swear, sometimes doctors give false hope by saying the baby could come anytime! But of course, she might come early, too. You just never know! 🙂

    Good luck, lots of prayers to you!

  4. Morgan S.

    Bring stuff to do yourself up after the delivery…it might be the last thing on your mind, but you'll look back at pictures, and when visitors come and wish you had done yourself up a little bit. Also, bring Vaseline to use for diaper changes. When baby has first poo, you will be glad you did because it is like tar. The Vaseline helps it glide off easier and saves you rubbing baby's bottom with wipe after wipe – not something baby likes! I am due with my 3rd in May…this is not my first rodeo! Good luck to you. http://www.styleoyster.blogspot.com

  5. Ashley

    Take a boppy pillow to the hospital. My bed didn't sit up well for me and it was much easier holding her with it. Cause my arms were sore and jello like from pushing and holding the arm things. My back was very sore from the epidural I recommend an extra pillow for your back the hospital beds hurt and after the epidural I was glad I brought an extra pillow. Take some socks or house shoes the floor was freezing.
    Take Drew an extra blanket. Our room was freezing and we didn't take my husband enough blankets he froze. Be sure to take Olivia a few outfits I didn't take enough for my little girl she peed on one, spit up on one, and a few others. I had to leave her in the tacky hospital shirt.

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