Week One…

Hey there! I hope everyone had a great weekend. I cannot believe its already been a week since Olivia was born. We have spent everyday learning something new about our bundle of joy. Of course there have been sleepless nights, but let me tell you this… 
being a Mom is awesome.

First family of three pic!

So a few things we have learned so far…

Listen to your baby- I went into Olivia’s feeding schedule with a relaxed approach. Of course we want to make sure she is getting enough, but we listen to her needs and adjust accordingly. Breast Feeding has had its ups and downs for me because I was not producing enough at first. Talk about putting me on an emotional roller coaster. You want to provide everything for your child and when your body is not cooperating, well its a bit frustrating. We are sticking through it and each day gets better and better.

(Olivia Burp cloth is from Zulily)

Sleep- I will admit, I stayed up and watched Olivia the first couple of nights. I was told over and over again while I as pregnant that I need to sleep when she sleeps. That is easier said than done haha. As the week has progressed, we have got a pretty routine down and I am sleeping when she is, most of the time 😉

Daddy and his girls Saturday morning

Help- Boy are we blessed in the amount of people that have helped us transition this week. I have the type of personality that I want to do everything myself and asking for help is usually not easy for me, Both my family and Drew’s family are local and everyone has been amazing in helping us adjust. We are so very thankful!

I find myself just staring at our sweet baby girl all the time. She has a lot of her daddy in her looks (especially the eyes!) and her little personality is just the cutest. I probably shed happy tears a little too often the past couple of days, but I just can’t help it! I love this child so much and fall more in love as each minute passes. Nothing else matters in the world when I am holding my baby girl.

Have a wonderful week! 

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5 thoughts on “Week One…

  1. Katie F

    Being a mom is truly the best thing ever. And you are so right. Read your baby and follow your instincts. No matter what else people say to do trusting yourself is the most important! Congrats to you and your family. I've been reading your blog for years! Olivia is just beautiful

  2. Kelly

    I think I have cried happy tears every day since my daughter was born and she is 3 and a 1/2 years old!! being a mother is a beautiful thing. God bless you!!

  3. Julianne @ Bogs and Bows

    I love this! Listening to your baby is the very best advice you could give (and take)… Aubrey is 3 now and I still have to remind myself to use this advice. She knows better than all the books, blogs and comments that everyone likes to share 😉

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