The first three weeks of motherhood has been a complete whirlwind.  I cant believe Olivia is almost a month old!
The first week was probably the hardest yet most amazing week of my life. My hormones went into overdrive which made me a complete bawl bag. I would cry happy tears just by looking at Liv and then 20 min later I would cry because I felt like I was not being helpful enough around the house. Oh and poor Drew, if he looked at me slightly odd, I would cry.Around week 2 things seemed to level out, but I keep a box of tissues handy just in case. 
 Day three your body feels like it was hit by a semi.  You hurt in places you never knew you could. When people advise you to stay on top of your pain meds… listen to them! Breast Feeding is also hard hard work. Liv had a hard time latching on and my milk did not fully come int until 72 hours after birth, so I felt like she was not getting enough to eat. You are taking care of such a tiny human being and feeling like you can provide them with something is the worst feeling. Word of advice to new mamas, utilize the lactation consultant at the hospital and do not be afraid to ask tons of questions. 
Sleep well that is a thing of the past. I was lucky to have slept like a baby the first 7 months of my pregnancy. Around 8 months I started to get uncomfortable and 9 months is when my contractions started. Liv has her days and nights mixed up, so she thinks its time to play around 10pm to 2 am. I know I can always sleep later, even if its a cat nap while standing in line at starbucks. 
I always tend to focus on the positive things on my blog, but being a mom is tough and the hardest job I have ever had.  Everyday I learn something new about myself and our beautiful baby girl. Would I change any second of it, absolutely not. This little girl has changed my life and I thank God everyday for her. 
Have a great day!

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14 thoughts on “Motherhood

  1. Kasie

    Thank you for a wonderfully honest post. I am a new mom to an almost 1-year-old and I remember how hard yet bittersweet those first few months are. Some days you feel like you can't possibly do it and other days you think, "hmm, this is the best thing in the whole world!". It is perfectly normal/fine to feel the way you do. Just when you think it's getting too hard she'll transition to a new phase and it gets so much more enjoyable. Just wait until she can smile and laugh at you and recognizes you. Keep up the great work Momma!

  2. Meredith

    She is so precious, I couldn't agree more with the sleep, Millie still has her days and nights mixed up and she's 16 months!!! <— aging this momma over here big time!!! I don't know if my baby will ever love to sleep!!!

  3. Chelsea Mac

    Motherhood is not for the faint of heart and there will always be moments when you feel totally lost, but they do get fewer and farther between. Your little is so precious!! Enjoy the holidays with her and know we are all just trying to figure it out!!

    Haute Child in the City

  4. Laurel Hammond

    Oh it is so nice to have a truthful look into motherhood. I have been following your blog forever (and I am around the same age- possibly having a little one of my own soon) and I really enjoy reading about your adventures with your little girl. She is beautiful!!!

  5. Kristin Faulkenberry

    the first month is definitely the hardest.. I felt so overwhelmed and cried ALL the time (which is very unlike me). It finally evened itself out and things truly got better. Once you feel that you have a handle on things- it will all settle down! Don't worry, you are doing a good job- dishes, laundry, and all that can wait.

  6. The Cinottos

    I saw someone already said this above, but check out Mom's on Call! I learned about them from other bloggers and my baby girl was sleeping 8 hours straight by 7 weeks and 12 hours by 12 weeks (with no "crying it out" or anything). At least 4 other friends I have refereed them to have had the same success!

  7. Kelsey

    As a new mom too, I loved reading this post! I feel the same way! I am completely in awe and love with my sweet little guy! I try my hardest to focus on all the positive things each day! However, motherhood is no joke and keeps me on my toes! Thanks for being candid! You always look amazing!

  8. capperson

    I am a new mother also. This post is so truthful and it helps to hear that I am not the only one who has found motherhood hard. I have definitely had to look at the positives each day and enjoy all of the good moments with my precious baby girl, which definitely does outweigh the bad in the end.
    However, I have had the hardest time with lactation. I was originally not going to breastfeed because I work a pretty busy and stressful job and didn't know how I would work it into my schedule. However, when my water broke at 32 weeks that is the first thing every nurse and doctor started begging me to do. I had my daughter at 34 weeks and made the decision to do both. I wanted to breastfeed the majority of the time. The lactaction consultants in the hospital were awesome, but it was so hard those first few days trying to get my milk to come in. I remember when I was so excited, as were the nicu nurses, when I came in with a little dropper of 1ml of milk. However, I wish I could say my lactation experience got easier, but right as I started being able to pump full bottles they decided that my daughter needed something with more calories added to my breastmilk and we had to stop the latching on process and revert to only pumping. Now my milk has slowed down and for 2 weeks now I have only been able to pump a half of an ounce at each pump session, when my baby is drinking 4 ounces at every bottle. It's so hard and I just feel like giving up breastfeeding because I still can't put her to the breast and when I try to she gets agitated and doesn't latch on for long.
    As for sleep, she also has her nights and days mixed up. With Stephen working I'm having to pull all of the feeding shifts minus the 3am feeding and I just can't shake being tired. She also thinks she needs to be awake from 9-10pm until 1 or 2 in the morning. Everyone says rest when the baby rests, but it's hard to even do that when bottles need to be washed and sterilized and wife duties need to be done.
    I still have a cry session almost every night and my baby is 5 weeks old. I know it will get easier though and I just continue to look at all of the positives, like beautiful smiles and kissable baby feet. (Sorry for letting you have all of the info in this post. I just felt the need to vent.) I still absolutely love that little hair bow she is wearing with the gift bow. Did you make it or where did you buy it from? It would definitely match our Christmas tree.

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