Tree Skirt {As Seen on Pinterest}

Hey there! I have been getting tons of emails about the tree skirt I wore last year for an Ugly Christmas Sweater Party on Pinterest, so I thought I would do a post to answer all the questions at once! 

Where did you get your Tree Skirt? 
My husband’s grandmother made it for me! If you live near a hobby lobby or a JoAnne’s, they sell kits to make the Christmas characters like I have on my skirt. It is made out of a felt like material and the Christmas Characters are 3D and made out of the same material.

What are the measurements of your skirt?
Mine is a typical tree skirt size, but maybe a tad smaller. It is made just like a tree skirt so the back is not even with the front.

How did you pin the skirt?
I wore a black mini skirt under the tree skirt and used two safety pins to pin the back. It is not even with the front, but it works!

I have had a few questions about this Ugly Christmas Dress as well! This one is just hot glue, Christmas Bows, flat ornaments and mini garland.  : )

*Update- The adorable Sarah Belle put up a youtube tutorial of how she made something very similar to this this year! Check it out here” 

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

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