Little Liv {2 Months}

Baby Girl is 2 months old… where did the time go?!? 
She loves to smile, especially at her mama, and she is trying her hardest to “talk” She is growing like a weed and is almost 11lbs! 
She is not the biggest fan of getting her hair washed or putting on onesies. She actually prefers to be naked 🙂

She is sleeping in 4 hour increments at night with the occasional 5-6 hour span. I feel like a new women when those occur. 

Her favorite time of the day is still 10-11 in the morning. She loves to listen to people sing and loves to kick her legs as fast as she can. Little girl has got some rhythm

We love you little liv and we cant wait to watch you grow even more! (just slow it down a little ok?)

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