Balancing Act

Man oh man what a week we had! Our family has been hit with stomach bugs, colds and now Little Liv has an ear infection in one of her ears. It goes without saying, this mama is exhausted!

Yesterday I kind of had a “moment” I got Liv home from the doctor and my mom had to leave to go take my sisters kids to dance class. Even though I was technically “off work” I still had work up to my eye balls. Of course as soon as my mom walked out the door, Liv started to cry because her poor ear started hurting. So here I am, Liv in one arm, trying to type email replies with my other hand and trying to calm her down at the same time.  Liv decided she was hungry so I got up to get her bottle and to add to my chaos, it started to leak all over the place as I walked back to my make shift work station. I threw a towel on the floor mopped it up with my foot and as I was finishing that, I heard another :ding: on my computer. I was about to lose my ever lovin mind, and I just took a moment to just sit back and  laugh at the current situation I was in. Milk was smeared 4 ft across the floor, the “towell” I grabbed was actually a diaper and the bottle was still leaking, but on my shoes (hey at least they were my rain boots).   Liv also thought it was pretty funny and flashed a big gummy grin my way. That right there made everything better… babies have magical powers like that.

It got me thinking about my work/life balance. I have always been one to try to do it all. I take on WAY to much, think nothing is impossible and I never ask for help. If there is one thing motherhood has taught me is that you can’t do everything. God is pretty good about reminding me to SLOW DOWN. I have been soaking in every second I can with my baby girl, but I can get wrapped up in silly things and need that reminder to take a step back. The world will still spin if I take a min longer to reply to an email or if my laundry gets behind.

I may look like I always have it together, but believe me, I am not… Most of the time I have mis matched socks on, sometimes when I take my “ootd” pics on instagram in the morning, my make up isnt on yet (thank goodness its ok to take pictures of your feet lol), when I change clothes at night my outfits are laughable, and I haven’t cooked a homemade meal in weeks. Oh and I have to confess that my Christmas tree did not come down until the end of January. I almost left it up… not kidding haha.

I look at Liv and I cant believe how much she has grown. My baby girl is 13lbs and 24 inches long yall! They grow up SO fast and I never want to think that I was wasting my time worrying or
stressing over silly things.

Cheers to messy houses backed up laundry and unmade beds.

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4 thoughts on “Balancing Act

  1. Chelsea Mac

    The biggest lesson that motherhood has taught me is that life is messy and the celebration of those imperfect moments are really what counts! I'm a huge advocate of take out, cleaning ladies, and turing the computer off every now and then 😉 Good luck!

    Haute Child in the City

  2. Mandy

    I struggle with this everyday. Every night before bed, if my house isn't "put together" I do not sleep. It's terrible and something I am always working on. Same with mornings before I leave for work…thank you for reminding what truly is important! My house will always be there, my sweet baby, won't. They do grow up so fast! Enjoy!!!

  3. Morgan S.

    I appreciate the honesty – too many fashion bloggers try to create an illusion of perfection, and of those that are moms, I know that can't possibly be the case! Liv is adorable. My 2nd son suffered back to back ear infections and we ended up doing tubes. Best. Cure. Ever. and it was such an easy and quick procedure.

  4. Shop White Plum

    Thank you for such an honest and open post. I think too many times bloggers feel the need to project that everything is "perfect" and it was beautiful to read that life is just not sometimes. But also that motherhood is still such a wonderful thing.


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