Tried & True and Something New

Hello hello! So I tried to video a hair tutorial for today’s post, but trying to do that with an almost 3 month old in the house is not the brightest idea I have ever had. It was pretty comical and I am sure the outtakes would be entertaining, but so is watching this on youtube….. SOO maybe one day I will get to that. For now, lets talk about a few of my favorite and new products I use.

Side Note- I have been getting the same hair cut for about 11 years now! I have not had that after pregnancy urge to chop it off. The only thing I have been tempted to do is bangs, but someone always talks me out of it or reminds me of the horror of growing them out.  Anyways… back to the products. 

I have mentioned Kerastase products numerous times on my blog, and I swear by them. They are kinda pricey, so I tend to use them mostly on the weekends or once a week. I have used the Bain Satin 2 for about 10 years now. While I was in for my last trim, my hair stylist told me about Kerastase changing the formula for this line. I have yet to try the new one, but I did stock up on the old one. I LOOVE this shampoo. I do not have dry hair, but I always get the dry line in any shampoo I use.  If you have colored hair the “pink” line (what I call it) is the best for you and if you are looking for extra shine the Cristal line is for you. 
The company I work for, Unilever, has Suave Professionals as one of their brands. We also have Dove, Tresemme and Nexxus. I was actually shocked by how much I loved Suave Professionals conditioners. I love the Captivating Curls and the Sleek line. I usually alternate these with Garnier products. 
I recently got the new Loreal Advanced Lock it Bold Hairspray. Well it does exactly what it says, it locks your style. I used it the other day and woke up with my curls still in tact. I am not exactly sure my verdict on this yet, but so far so good. I have yet to find a salon hair spray I die over and typically just stick to my Garnier Hair sprays. 
I have tried about 10 different mascaras the past two months. I have long, thick, blonde lashes that have issues curling, so finding a mascara is tricky for me. Just this past week,  I found a new favorite, Buxom Lash  I love the hourglass shape of the brush and how it coats each lash from root to tip. The mascara is not sticky and it doesn’t weigh down my lashes. It is definitely my new favorite. All the reviews I have read on this mascara say to use a primer to intensify it even more. I plan on purchasing a primer soon and giving it a go. 
I actually have mixed reviews about these nail polishes, but in the end I do love them. I get more questions on instagram and in person when I wear these polishes The brushes I absolutely LOVE. They are thick and evenly coat your nails. The polish dries in 60 seconds, which is FANtastic. It is not a polish and go nail color, you must use a top coat or it will chip fast. I like to change my color of nails often, so this is great for me.
I have used this product for years. It truly does hold your color all day long and this tube lasts FOREVER.  I have used the original and the color Sin. I love both and highly recommend them.

Kerastase Serum

Another product I have mentioned so many times on my blog over the years. I have tried probably 7 different serums from Kerastase and have never disliked any of them. My favorite is still the Oleo-Relax(great for summer time) and Elixir Ulitme. These bottles last a year for me and yall know how much hair I have! I use about a dime amount and just on my ends after I towel dry my hair. This product also seems to make my hair dry faster. 

I have quite a few new make up products on their way to my house. I have always been one to find something and stick to it, but I am trying to branch out of my comfort zone. I am definitely not a beauty guru, but I will  provide my feedback on each product I use. Maybe we all can learn together 🙂
You can shop all the products I mentioned above below!

Hopefully I didn’t ramble on too much! Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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