Little Lady Liv (4 Months)

Happy Friday Dolls! I didn’t plan on taking a week off from style posts, but it was a busy week traveling for work and I just could not do it all. BUT I do have a bit of time to update you on my baby girl. 
Y’all! We have a 4 month old !

We booked our beach vacay, so this mama went a little nuts ordering tiny swimsuits. Some of them came in while I was traveling so we had to try one on 🙂

Got a lot of questions on insa about these suits. Links below
Mermaid (RUNS SMALL!) // Emerald Green // Bow // Flamingo // Yellow Tutu

Love this this , and this  Have this one  and this one on the way!

Liv is growing like a weed! she is 14lbs and 24 inches long. She is wearing 3-6 months in most clothes and had to go up in PJs recently because she is so long. 

She still has a head full of hair and its getting SO thick. We think it may turn red, but time will tell. 

Her eyes are starting to change to a greenish brown. My eyes are brown with a green rim around them, so they may be like her mamas 

She loves to listen to music and dance. She thinks she needs to sit up or stand at all times. She started rolling over at 3 months and continues to do so with a very proud look on her face. I love listening to her gibber gabber and she mimics our facial expressions and sounds all the time. Oh and her laugh… best noise EVER. I wish I could bottle it up.

I am loving this age so much because she seems to absorb every little thing she sees. I love teaching her things and just staring into her big beautiful eyes. This sweet girl has filled our hearts so much.
Come back next week for lots of spring time style posts (you may see this little one in one too!)
Have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Ashleigh

    I cannot believe that she is already 4 months old..
    That seems so crazy!
    She looks adorable in her little swim outfits as well as the others too of course 🙂

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