Olivia Mae {Six Months}

Little Olivia is going to be SIX months tomorrow! Seriously, where did the time go? When people tell you that time literally flies by, well they are correct.
“Stats”– She is 16lbs 26 inches of pure joy. Her eyes have not made up their mind yet. They have just about every color in them still- blue, green and brown! Her hair is still a mixture of red, brown and blonde. We are thinking she will be a strawberry blonde. 
Foods– She started eating solids around 5 1/2 months, but she is not too fond of the textures. She did NOT like rice cereal. She literally would throw her bottle, not joking! She loves to sit in her high chair though. She thinks she is big stuff. 

My Top // Liv’s top and shorts 
Milestones– Olivia is quite the determined little girl. She is sitting up, she is already trying to pull up and she is trying SO hard to crawl. She has even maneuvered her way around by rolling back and fourth. Her strength is incredible! I never thought a 16lb bundle of joy could exert that much strength. She must get that and her determination from her mama 😉

Talking– Olivia also said her first words “da da” on Wednesday. She was at my mom’s so we did not hear it and of course she has kept it to herself sense then. She LOOOOVES to scream. I mean an ear piercing scream. She will sit there and jibber jabber and then just start screaming. She thinks its pretty hilarious. Sadie on the other hand, hides under our bed.
headband ruby blue c/o
Favorites– Speaking of hilarious, she is the happiest baby. Her favorite game is peek a boo and I could play it for hours with her, because her laugh is the best sound I have ever heard. She also loves to listen to music and “dance.” My little niece Bree dances with her all the time while my mom watches her. Those two are going to be two peas in a pod. She also loves to stand up and stomp her right foot. 
Olivia you rock our worlds and we love you dearly!

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7 thoughts on “Olivia Mae {Six Months}

  1. Chelsea G

    There is NO way shes 6 months already!?!?! I swear I was sitting with my little mad reading your post introducing her! She has THE cutest and biggest doll eyes ever! I'm memorized by them! My little guy is almost 1 and my other is 3 1/2, swear I was just in the hospital with them!? Adult years go by way too fast!



  2. Dollface

    OMG Tara, she is so cute! And I love the matching momma/daughter outfits. Hope you are well! Follow my new blog nycmommaandmore.blogspot.com

  3. Kiki

    Literally she is just so adorable! i love all of her pictures on instagram! i feel like ben is also growing up wayy to fast!

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