The Little Moments

Last night my husband was traveling for work so it was just me and my girl hanging out. After our nightly routine, she feel asleep in her bouncy seat. I missed my daily run so I threw on my workout clothes and started a workout video. I got half way thru and Liv started wrestlin around. I am sure she would have just went right back to sleep, but I decided to just stop my video and hold my baby girl. She is already getting very independent, She will rarely let me hold her and feed her anymore, but when she is sleepy at night…. oh boy does she want her mama. Jillian Michaels can wait till the morning.. I am busy stealing kisses from my baby girl.  
 Our house literally looks like a baby bomb went off. Little people have a lot of stuff yall! I cant even tell you how many times I have tripped or stubbed my toe on some sort of baby contraption. The funny thing is, I barley remember what it was like to not have the baby stuff sitting everywhere. The organized chaos just kinda works and makes me smile. 
I have been running non stop lately. My job has been extremely busy, I haven’t cooked a homemade meal in two weeks, Liv has a pile of clothes that need to be hung up (don’t even get me started on my disaster of a closet) and I am sure there a few too many dust bunnies in our house.
 I have to remind myself to slow down and enjoy the little moments
5 more min of baby bath time
An extra lap around the neighborhood when we go for walks
Longer baby cuddles at night.
Yes big milestones are so so exciting, but its the little things that really build the foundation and relationship with your child. I am still very new to the mommy role, but I am not about to let life get in the way of my time with my baby girl. 

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Have a wonderful holiday weekend with your friends and family. Please take a moment to remember all those that have sacrificed their lives for our country. 

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  1. Julie

    My daughter is fiercely independant too, so anytime she wants a cuddle I drop what I'm doing and snuggle. It's my favorite part of the day… and my house definitely looks like a bomb went off. lol! Maybe one day I'll catch up.

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