Lady Liv (7 Months)

It is so hard to believe I have a 7 month old baby!
Stats- 17.5lbs 26 inches. She is still wearing some 3-6 month old clothes and some 6 month pieces. She is also still in 2 diapers. The new brand at Target, Honest Co, fit her so well! Nothing against Bert And Earnie, but we love the fun designs Honest Co offers. 
Milestones- She is such a talker! She started saying “a da da” and “muuum” about a month ago, but now they are so much clearer and on a regular basis. She is also saying “sadie” or “aaaaadie” The other night we were cleaning up after dinner and she was in her high chair. She started to whine because she wanted out. She was not having it when we told her to hold on just a second. Sadie then walked by her and Liv looked down at Sadie and said “Saaaaaaaadddddiiieeee” in the most pathetic baby cry. We about died. Such a silly girl
Likes- She loves music and to be outside. The picture above we were out on a walk chasing fire flies/ lightening bugs. I grabbed one and she thought it was the neatest thing! I love teaching her new things. She also loves to watch me do workout videos which is so funny to me. She will kick her feet and belly laugh. I do not blame her, I am sure I look pretty silly!
Favorite Foods- We have had a battle with food the past month. She is VERY particular with textures. She never liked baby cereal, and she really doesn’t like baby food. We started introducing some solid foods (mashed up and cut up teeny tiny) and she seems to like them so far. Her favorites are sweet potatoes, green beans, and some fruits. She also loves those puffs! She is very independent when it comes to eating and really wants to feed herself.
Dislikes- Bath time and changing her clothes/diaper. We have tried so many things to try to get her to like the bath tub. She LOVED being in a kiddy pool which we found so odd. We have tried so many things , so if you have any pointers, send them my way! 
Mommy Thoughts- I just love this age so much. She is so interactive, her brain absorbs so much information and she learns new things every day. I love watching the interaction between Drew and Liv. Drew turns into a puddle when Liv says da da. He has probably videoed her saying it about 50 times. Liv is still a big time mama’s girl, but when her daddy walks into the door, she lights up.
 I cant believe I will have a year old baby before I know it. I really wish time would stand still.

Next week I have some fun posts planned!! A 4th of July, Kate Spade Entertaining, and a fun Riffraff summer post to name a few. We have such a busy weekend ahead and kicking off our 4th of July festivities! I am SO excited to make some more holiday memories with my baby girl.
Have a wonderful weekend!

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