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Today I have a fun gift guide for all the workin ladies and gentlewomen. About 3 years ago I had a gift guide for Co Workers and it is one of my more popular gift guides on pinterest so I decided to bring it back this year! I am excited to feature a couple of my favorite Kate Spade pieces from LifeGuard press
LifeGuard press is a one stop shop this Christmas season. From the cutest gift wrapping to that perfect gift for your best friend, they have it all. I adore their co worker section. You spend more time at the office than you do at home and I have made life long friends at every company I have worked for. So I always try to do something for my teammates.  I have a few fun ideas that I have given my co workers and of course some amazing ideas from Lifeguard press
co worker

 I constantly have numerous files on my desk and the Kate Spade quotation paperweights not only help keep things in place, they look adorable on my desk. I am also one to write things down and put reminders on my computer screen for the next day. These Kate Spade  sticky pad notes come with just about every type of post it you need. Of course, you have to stay hydrated (or caffeinated) while working and the Kate Spade polka dot tumbler is my go to cup. 
I have given my female co workers the adorable “For your mistleotes” nail polish gift. It is always a favorite and it’s budget friendly. I think those mini bottles of Essie nail polish are just too too cute and all you need to do is print off a tag with “for your mistletoes” and tie it on! I LOVE the Swarovski Stardust Pen. I may need to get this for my co worker and ask to “borrow it” haha kidding kidding!
A coffee mug is a pretty universal option. I love rolling up socks and placing them inside, because it kind of looks like whipped cream 🙂  For the jokester of the office, the citation notepad is pretty hilarious and they are sure to use it often 😉  I usually bring my lunch to work and this lunch box is probably the cutest one I have seen in awhile.
I hope this guide helps shopping for your 9-5 friends a little easier! 
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