Fall Cravings


Booties // Leopard Flats // White Plaid Scarf // Dark Plaid Cape // Flare Denim // Skinny Jeans // Tan Tunic Dress // Navy Plaid // Oversized Turtleneck // Teal Plaid // Blue Roll Neck Tunic

Today I am sharing just a few things I am craving for fall! I started cleaning out my closets this past week and got so excited getting out all my scarves. Its nowhere near time to wear them, but its sooner than later! 🙂

A couple of the trends I am loving for fall are roll neck tops(aka turtlenecks), all things suede, plaid on plaid, Flare Denim, vests and much more!

Also, Nordstrom put a ton of stuff on sale recently(up to 60% off!) Be sure to check it out here.


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