Currently Craving- Sneakers!

Its a rare occasion that you will find me in a pair of flats. I have always been a “heel”girl and I do not see that changing any time soon. I was even wearing heels until I was full term with Olivia! Not saying that was the smartest thing, but it sure did make me feel good and like myself. If I am going to put away my heels, I will reach for a pair of sneaks. I have been highly impressed with the stylish sneakers out this season. From metallics, to neutrals to the classic black styles… there is something for everyone! I rounded up 10 pairs that caught my eye. I am especially loving this neutral pair and these metallic ones. These dalmation print ones are down right adorable too! If you are the brighter the better type, than this pair is for you! Check out even more of my favorites below!


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