Friday Five

Sharing another “Friday Five” today! I hope that in these posts I can share a little more non fashion type things and also answer some of the questions you guys have about me!

Favorite Spring Shoe…

Ok, I am already breaking my rule and starting with a fashion type thing, but y’all I love these shoes! I have worn these wedges so much lately. Every season there is a shoe that I wear constantly and that can be paired with numerous looks. I know this pair will be that shoe for me this spring. You may remember this pair I wore a TON last year. They are actually back in stock and I highly recommend them as well! Shop more of my current fav spring shoes below

Food for Thought…

a few goals for myself this year…

Travel More and Live in the Moment– My husband and I didn’t want to travel the first couple of years with Olivia for many reasons (that’s a post in itself haha)  but this year we are starting to plan little getaways as a family and as a couple. I am challenging myself to live in the moment more during our travels. I still work full time and with my blog I am always trying to share our travel experiences with y’all.  Not saying that is going to go away completely, but I want to live more in the moment with my family and make those memories that last forever.

Care “a little” less– Ok, this one is a bit hard for me. I put 100% of myself into every relationship I have. Whether that be a friend, my family members, my job, etc… I am ALL in. I tend to trust very easily on top of that. Have I been burned because of it, yes. I don’t want to change per say, but I do want to “care a little less” when things do not work out as I had hoped. You are only responsible for your own actions. You may never understand the actions of others, but in the end, the true, genuine relationships in your life will always stick around.

Olivia Mae...


Jacket Joyfolie c/o // JEANS H&M // SNEAKERS Michael Kors 

You guys… she has grown up SO much lately. I plan on doing a post all about her very soon to catch you all up on what she has been up to. I go back and fourth on if I want to put Olivia on the blog and my social channels. It is a fine line for sure, but I do want to share this part of my life with my readers.

Recent Purchases…


I am in full on spring and vacay mode these days. I am obsessed with the clutch pictured above. It also comes in a beach bag version. My other favorite finds lately are this top, this swimsuit (perfection) and these shoes. I have been on a big baby blue kick lately (hello gingham pumps) and of course blush pink is not leaving my little place on the internet anytime soon. Shop more current favorites below.

Work it out…

This is more of a question for you guys! I get a lot of emails asking about  my workout routine and how I stay in shape. I used to feature this on my blog MANY years ago and I would love to bring it back. I have many workout routines and exercises that I have been doing for years.  I went through a thyroid issue after having Olivia that I can also speak to and also the exercises I did when I was pregnant with her. Would you all like to see more of this?

Ok thats a wrap for this Friday! I plan on doing a Q&A very soon on the blog. If you already have questions, please email them to me (jimmychoosandtennisshoesblog(at)gmail(dot)com

Have a wonderful weekend! xoxo Tara


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