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Today I have enlisted my husband Drew to help me out with a Men’s Gift Guide! These are all item she owns and truly loves!

1. Beanie– I will give Drew credit for getting me hooked on beanies. He wears them just as often as I do! He has so may but THIS one by Rag and Bone is his absolute favorite. The quality far exceeds any beanie he owns and fits very well.

2. Merino Wool Sweater– Drew can be quite picky when it comes to sweaters. When we were in Dallas, he went into the Rag and Bone store at Highland park and tried on THIS sweater. It is a bit pricey so he left without getting it. He could not find a comparable one, so I surprised him with it a couple weeks ago. The fit is really great and the fabric is incredibly soft.

3. Sneakers– Drew loves his sneakers, and picked up THIS pair when we were in NYC. They are a lot like Adidas but more comfortable (his words, not mine haha.)

4. Earbuds– This is a great gift for a guy that likes to hit the gym. Drew has been thru countless pairs of Apple ear buds, so I got THIS pair by Bose for him. The quality is amazing and of course the sound is fantastic.

5. Computer Bag– Drew told me about the Filson Computer bags and I had never heard of the brand. After researching them, I found out the quality is the best of the best and the brand has been around for over 100 years!

6 Dock Kit– This is a great gift for any guy in your family. Drew has THIS one in grey and it cleans very easily too!

7.Watch– Drew does not wear watches very often, but he really liked THIS watch by Komono. The sleek design makes it easy to dress or down too.

8. Sunglasses– A classic Wayfarer is a great gift for ANY guy. Drew wears his daily.

9. Denim– Drew’s favorite denim is Rag & Bone, see a trend here haha. He has THIS pair and I love how they are dressy but still have a casual feel.

10. A Great T Shirt– Drew used to go thru white T Shirts like CRAZY. He got one of THESE last month and you can tell hit will last forever.

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I hope you guys have a wonderful weekend! We have a weekend full of Christmas fun and be sure to come back here Monday for a fun little surprise 🙂

xoxo Tara


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