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One of the most asked questions I get is about my hair, so I wanted to share my top holy grail hair products/tools today.

I went thru some major hair woes after I had Olivia, lets talk about that shall we! When I got pregnant, I had to start taking thyroid medicine to lower my thyroid levels. I never knew I had a thyroid issue until they did my blood work. It does run in my family, but I never had any symptoms to show cause for concern until I got pregnant. I was extremely tired in the early months of my pregnancy and always super cold. I did not think much of us, but the early blood work showed higher thyroid levels. Luckily the medicine lowered it immediately and it continued to stay at the right levels during my pregnancy. After I had Olivia my thyroid levels got very very high. I of course was tired, but hey I was taking care of a newborn and nursing at the wee hours of the night. I started to loose hair, which I also chalked up to pregnancy because my mother warned me I would loose a lot of hair I had during pregnancy, because you do not loose the normal amounts of hair during those 10 months. Well a little loss, turned into a BIG loss and I started to loose a lot around my hairline and in overall volume. I called the doctor and they immediately scheduled a blood test. When they got the results they called me and were shocked I was not feeling worse than I was. My thyroid levels were pretty darn high. I got put on a higher dosage and over the next 8-12 weeks it got regulated. Of course hair grows back over time and I am very lucky that my hair grows extremely fast.  I tried out numerous products to protect, grow, and nourish  my hair during this time.  I of course must mention that hair is such a vanity thing and people deal with much much worse than what I went thru, but I just wanted to share a back story on how I came to find my favorite products.

Shampoo/ Conditioner

THIS shampoo and THIS conditioner is one I mentioned in my top 2016 purchases. It is very moisturizing and also smells wonderful. The downside is, its kinda pricey and does not last as long. I highly recommend it and even if you only use it once a week, you will notice a difference in your hair!

Hair Tools

Curling Iron

Hands down THIS is the best curling iron I have ever used. The curls last longer, they are bouncier and the curling iron gets very hot! I have tried using a wand, but have always preferred a classic curling iron. My favorite drugstore iron is by Conair.

Hair Brush

I never really paid that much attention to a hair brush growing up. I always liked the vented ones because it cut down the blowdrying time. I quickly noticed that using a gentler hair brush or comb was key in minimizing breakage. I always brush out my ends first with THIS hair brush and then go from root to tip. I use THIS hair brush to blow dry the ends of hair.

Blow Dryer

I typically let my hair air dry for about 10-15 min to minimize drying time. I use THIS blowdryer and I love how powerful it is!

Pillow Case

It took me FOREVER to splurge on THIS pillowcase. I am pretty particular when it comes to my bed sheets, and have my favorites. I saw a lot of girls saying this pillowcase was a must have, so I tried it out. It is amazing! I love that my hair doesn’t get tangled and my curls seen to last longer. Pretty sure its made of fairy dust haha.

Hair Products

Hair Treatment

It’s a 10 hair products are some of my favorites as well. I used THIS spray every single day when I was trying to grow my hair back out. I do not use it as often now, but it makes your hair super soft and I think it helps it grow! My mom uses it now and loves it.

Heat Protectant

THIS heat protectant is my absolute favorite. I curl my hair often so this protects my hair incredibly well! I have heard amazing things about THIS product as well. I ordered it last week, so I will keep you posted!


THIS serum has always been my go to during the summer months. I pump about a dime size portion into my palm and run my fingers through the ends of my hair. This bottle will last at least a year! I use THIS oil on the ends of my hair about once a week, more in the winter months. A little goes a long way on this oil too.

Texturizing Spray

THIS texturizing spray is my favorite for teasing. It also smells amazing! Fun Fact- Tom Ford teamed up with Oribe to come up with this scent.

Hair Spray

THIS hairspray  by Bead Head is always what i set my hair with after I curl it IF i am going out to shoot or to an event. This stuff is STRONG. It smells yummy too.My favorite drug store hair spray is by Garnier

Dry Shampoo

As crazy as it sounds, I have never been a huge dry shampoo user. When I became a mom, that quickly changed! I LOVE this one by Oribe. Hands down my favorite.

Tips on how to grown your hair out.

1. Sleeping at least 8 hours a night and eating right are very important. You have to take care of your body on the inside for your hair to be healthy.

2. Do not wash your hair daily. Honestly, this was a tough one for me. I am one of those weirdos that did not feel fully clean unless I washed my hair when I took a shower. I wash my hair about 2-3 days a week now, depending on my workout schedule.

3. Do not wear your hair up very often. This causes breakage.

4. Massage the scalp when shampooing. I may be wrong, but i feel like this stimulates hair growth. I try to not take super how showers as well because it can be drying on your hair and skin.

5. Switch up Shampoos! Your scalp can get build up if you use the same shampoo all the time.

6. Get regular trims. I get my hair cut every 10 weeks. You have to take care of your hair from the root to tip in order for it to grown healthy and strong.

7. Lay off the heat! Give your hair a break and often!

Phew! I feel like this is the longest post ever! Sorry about that! If you have any questions let me know in the comments! xoxo Tara

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