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Today I am super excited to share three hair styles with you guys using Conair products from Target . The most asked questions I get are about my hair so I was thrilled to partner today with Conair.

My mother has always taught me to get up and get around each morning. This is especially important when working from home as I am always more productive when I am dressed and ready for the day. Mother’s day is just around the corner, so I wanted to share three Conair products from Target that will make any mom’s morning hair routine easier and more convenient.

The Mini Pro Smoothing Brush

This tool is perfect to spruce up day 2 or three hair. I love that it is compact and dual voltage, which makes it ideal for travel. The bristles are ceramic coated which distributes heat evenly to help prevent damage to your hair. I love using this tool to run thru my hair to smooth out any bumps and add volume to the roots. It does a fabulous job of straightening your hair on the go and will leave your hair smooth and shiny! All moms would love this smoothing brush as a gift as it makes styling quick and easy! It is also under $20!


Curl Secret 2.0

As soon as I read about this innovative tool by Conair, I was so excited to give it a try. I curl my hair quite often and I have been looking for new ways to style it. This tool has two barrels; 1 inch for tighter curls and a 1 1/4 inch for loose wavy curls. I prefer the 1 1/4 barrel as I have really thick hair. I really loved this tool for the pieces framing my face. Those curls tend to fall quicker and I found these curls lasted for days!

Below is a step by step guide on how to use the Curl Secret  2.0 tool

  1. Adjust the tool to the side of the hair you are curling and to the heat/time you want the iron to keep your hair in for curling.
  2. I section my hair in 4 sections and start with the bottom. I then take 3cm pieces and clamp the tool in the middle of the hair. As soon as it clamps, the hair is taken in for curling.


3.The tool will beep and hold the hair in and then beep 3 times when its time to release the hair.

 4.The piece is now curled and I move on to the rest of my hair

The finished product is gorgeous curls that last! I always let my curls sit for 3-5 min before brushing or running my fingers thru them. This makes them last even longer.

All of these tools can be found at Target and I know that any mom in your life would enjoy them for Mothers Day. They make styling your hair easy, quick and most importantly FUN!


*Thank you to Conair + Rewardstyle for Sponsoring today’s post.


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