Styling my Niece for Homecoming


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I AM SO EXCITED for today’s post! First, I can’t believe my niece is even old enough to be going to homecoming. My word, where did the time go?  She is not only gorgeous, but has the best heart and even though I do not like her getting older, it is so much fun to see her in this stage of life.

So homecoming! First thing I asked my niece was what her favorite colors were to wear. She looks good in EVERYTHING so I knew picking out the style of dress would be a piece of cake and we could have a lot of fun with it. I then went to browsing on Mac Duggal’s site and listened to what styles of dresses caught her eye. Mac Duggal dresses are not only gorgeous, but the craftsmanship is amazing. No detail is missed and they have a style of dress for every girl. I personally have THIS dress and it was one of my most popular instagram posts to date.  I decided to get two totally different style of dresses and let her choose which she liked best!

For the Shoes, I knew I wanted something sparkly for one dress and playful for the other. Nina shoes was my FIRST stop for both pairs and they could not have been more perfect! Nina shoes makes the most beautiful occasion shoes for any special event you may have coming up.

Bauble Bar also sent Claire jewels to dress up each look, but they did not make it in before our shoot together. I have a widget below of the styles she has to choose from and the completed look will be on my instagram tomorrow!

After I got both dresses in, we had a styling session together and then went out and shot the looks. Mac Duggal also sent me the cutest sequin bomber jacket for the shoot. Claire already said she was swiping it from me haha.


For the first dress, I went with a classic Mac Duggal flouncy silhouette. Claire told me she really liked Navy and this dress looked STUNNING on her. This is the type of dress you will want to dance all night long in. The neckline had gorgeous beaded details and I love the chic and classic fit of it. I styled it with a silver jewel embellished sandal from Nina and a plum lipstick.  We kept her hair down with loose curls to frame her face. She looked so regal in this dress.

The second dress is SUPER playful and girly. Hot pink looks out of this world on Claire and I love the striped skirt. The gold and black detailing on this dress is absolute perfection too. For the shoes I picked a black bow peep toe. For her hair we put it up in a high pony and I loved that it showcased the embellishment on the neckline. I could tell immediately Claire felt like herself in this dress. Doesn’t she rock it?

OK, now want YOUR vote! I am putting up a poll on my stories and you guys can vote on your favorite. Tomorrow I will be sharing the dress she chooses on my instagram.

I am so happy to be able to do this for Claire and I can’t thank Mac Duggal, Nina Shoes and Bauble Bar for taking care of her. She is SO EXCITED!

Have a great weekend and I will see you back here next week for more Fall looks! xoxo Tara


3 thoughts on “Styling my Niece for Homecoming

  1. Tabitha

    What a fun cute post! I think it’s sweet you helped out your niece for her dance and included her in this. While I personally like the navy dress myself, I think the pink looks the best on her. It doesn’t look too grown up yet it still sophisticated. She looks more her age in the pink one. Regardless they’re both beautiful!


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