A “How To” on Themed Charcuterie Boards


Happy Friday! Today I am so excited to be sharing a fun post on how we create our Charcuterie boards. If you follow along on instagram, you probably noticed we have been making these every weekend. I got so many questions about how we put them together, so here we are and I am about to tell you.


When it comes to creating a Valentines board the first thing came to our minds, SWEETS! We went classic and created our board with strawberries, marshmallows, conversation hearts, assorted vday candies and two different kinds of fruit dips. We took two “XO” cookie cutters and filled them with candies and then used valentines day themed bowls for the dips. The dips are just melted chocolate and the other one is a mix of marshmallow creme/cream cheese. When it comes assembling, do not over think it! I like to start with placing my bowls and other structured pieces and then pile on the food items. I love to layer them too!


With the big game just days away, I wanted to share a fun super bowl themed board! A couple weeks ago I made a Jalapeno popper football cheeseball (find recipe here) and it was a huge hit. For this board I made a list of classic football game snack foods like beef jerky, popcorn, pickles, peanuts, lil weenies and salami. I made the football cheeseball the center piece and then layered in the other items. To add in a pop of color for your favorite football team, use candy like m&ms! When I have a cheese ball I always have multiple different crackers and breads too for people to eat it with. This is sure to be a big hit at your super bowl party!


This type of board is our go to for the weekends. We love our dips and veggies! We usually have a cheese dip, guac, a bean dip, and hummas. If we have having a heavily loaded veggie tray, we usually have different types of yogurt ranch for dipping. When you are chopping your veggies, think of ways to make them a bit more unique. Cut into chips, into long strips, into tiny pieces etc. We also top our dips with some seasoning for some extra flair!


  1. Use Garnishes to Fill Spaces.  We use things like parsley, cilantro, lettuce and other herbs!
  2. Don’t be scared to have each food touch! I love the layered look!
  3. Buy small dishes at Home Goods! We find all our tiny dishes, especially themed ones, there for pretty reasonable prices.
  4. Don’t try to make it perfect! It may start out looking like a mess, but keep on going. Even if it doesn’t look perfect in your eyes, it will be a huge hit at your next party!
  5. Make sure you have tiny forks and cheese spreaders for the items. We also have toothpicks in a cute bowl for guests to use.



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