Best of Beauty 2019 (Make-up, Hair and Skincare)

Happy Monday guys! Today I wanted to round up the best of beauty of 2019. A lot of these products have been my go to’s for years and some are new. I am breaking it down by beauty, hair and skincare. Let’s get started!

  1. FLAWLESS FILTER- I started using this product early 2019 and it became a staple in my routine once spring and summer rolled around. I especially love this product on beach days as it gives you that gorgeous glow! I use this before I put on my foundation.
  2. Charlotte Tilbury Blush (pillowtalk)– This product came out in 2019 and is hands down my favorite bush to date! The color is perfection and I love the subtle highlight it gives as well.
  3.  Tula Rose Eyebalm– If you know you know haha! Tula released the already highly coveted eye balm in a rose gold version and it is amazing. It is one of the first things I put on in the mornings and I love how refreshing it is
  4. Fenty Lipgloss– I have used this for years and I have all three shades! It is a very hydrating lipgloss and the colors are universally flattering.
  5. Marc Jacobs Coconut Bronzer– This bronzer has been my go to for over a year. It smells delicious too!
  6. Bobbi Brown Eye Palette– My drawers are overflowing with eye palettes but this is one I have reached for more than others in 2019. The colors are stunning and I love the mix of matte and shimmers
  7. Benefit Highlight Pencil– Use this product to highlight your brown, the inner corners of your eye and your cupids bow.
  8. ABH Brown Pencil– I probably do not need to even talk about this product. A tried and true favorite by many. I actually use this in two shades, blonde and auburn.
  9. Marc Jacobs Lipgloss – another product I have talked about for years and still my favorite. The only downfall is that there are not many colors!
  10. Setting Spray– A classic! I have used this for years as well and it truly makes your make up stay all day. I highly suggest using a setting spray if you use any powders on your face
  11. Nudestix Bronzer – A newer find, but a quick favorite. I love to use this product for contouring. Using a stick makes everything more precise and this product melts in your skin.
  12. St. Tropez Bronzer– My go to self tanner. I love this formula the best followed by the marshmellow formula
  13. Buxom Mascara– Another classic favorite of mine and this mascara has the best brush.  I have yet to find my HOLY GRAIL mascara, but 2020 I will rectify that.
  14. Maybelline Lipstick– I get asked every holiday season about my red lipstick and it is a drug store find!
  15. Drunk Elephant Bronzer– Since I self tan, my face can get pretty pale. This drunk elephant face bronzer has been a life changer. You mix it with your moisturizer for an instant glow.
  16. Benefit Highlight- A very natural highlight but you can also pack a punch with it by layer it on. Also how cute is benefit packaging?
  17. Charlotte Tilbury Setting Powder– One product I can NOT live without in my beauty routine. I use this under my eyes to set my concealer and then in my T zone.



  1. Slip Hair Ties– I switched over to these hair ties when I style my hair and I love how gentle they are. Olivia swipes them from me all the time haha.
  2. Kerastase Shampoo– If you have been around here for awhile, you know Kerastase is my go to hair brand. I tried many this year and as soon as I switched back, I noticed a BIG difference. I will say, if you try one type of Kerastase shampoo and are not a fan, try another one. There are many Kerastase shampoos that I did not prefer, but once I found “the one” my hair was forever changed.
  3. Dyson Blow Dryer– a big hair investment but the time you save is worth it!
  4. T3  Whirl– I have been using this for years. Hands down the best curling iron and your curls last for days
  5. Wet Brush– I love how large this wet brush is. Pro tip- always brush your ends first when they are wet and they work from the root down.
  6. Oribe Texture Spray– I do not use many products in my hair but if I am headed out for a shoot and my hair is super fresh, I use this to add a bit of grit and volume to my hair
  7. Kerastase Hair Treatment– I use this product twice a week of my ends before bed. It prevents breakage and smells amazing!
  8. Kerastase Hair Mask- I use this 1-2 a week and it leaves my hair strong and healthy.
  9. Oribe Royal Blowout- another magical hair product! This is the heat protectant I use in my hair and the bottle last FOREVER! I use this every time on damp hair before styling.
  10. Colleen Rothschild Hair Mask– another hair mask that have been using for over a year. I alternate this one with my Kerastase mask.


  1. Origins Charcoal Mask– While I do not break out often, I have been using this mask as a spot treatment and LOVE it. Use it for 3 days and your blemish will be gone! I also use it on my T-Zone.
  2. Billie Razor– The hype is real on this razor and I love that they send you replacement razor heads in the mail.
  3. Loccitane Almond Shower Gel– I have been using this for years as my shaving gel and will never go back.
  4. SKII Facial Treatment– This product made my skin extremely soft, reduced the size of my pores and it brought out that inner glow.
  5. Tula Face Wash– I can go on and on about this face wash. It is hands down my favorite I have EVER used and I love that it has probiotics in it. Great for all skin types.
  6. Peter Thomas Roth Hydrating Spray– This is a new product I have been using over the last couple months. The spray instantly refreshes your makeup and hydrates your face. It has been amazing thru these winter months.
  7. Sunday Riley Luna– Sunday Riley products are new to me but best sellers at sephora. While they are pricy, the product packs a MAJOR punch.
  8. No More Baggage- This is a product a lot of my friends talked about on instagram and I gave it a go. It is one of those products that you see work pretty quickly and it does leave your undereyes looking much refreshed. I use this for events or photoshoots.
  9. Tula Dual Action Pads– One of my favorite Tula products. These pads gently exfoliate your skin and leave your skin feeling refreshed (like a facial!)
  10. Tula Moisturizer and Tula Beauty Sleep– I have used the Tula Moisturizer for years and have yet to find anything else I like better. The Beauty Sleep is a rather new step to my routine and has been a game changer. I use this at night and I wake up with my skin feeling extremely soft and hydrated. I truly believe this product has changed my skin and given it that youthful glow.
  11. Colleen Rothschild Masks– I have raved about these products for years and they are still my favorite masks. The charcoal on in particular is the one I just after trips. I swear by these masks.
  12. Drunk Elephant Virgin Oil– The holy grain of facial oils. My mom and I always joke that we would bathe in this oil if we could haha. It is filled with critical antioxidants that protect your skin from environmental stressors. It is also a clean beauty product!