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Hey guys! I wanted to share some resources and things we are doing over the next couple of weeks for homeschooling. I have a schedule to follow each day so that we can get her Alternative method of instruction assignments completed. Sine she is in kindergarten, her schedule is probably more lax than older kids, but I hope this helps you plan out your children(s) days as well. I also included what my day looks like, but this is a VERY basic version as my days are different each and every day. I just encourage you to fit in things like a workout video or your own quiet time during the small time frames your child is working on their own assignments. We all have to stay sane and remain on schedule so that we can stay calm thru this unsettling time.

Also I am including resources available online and some items I have in the house for projects!


Online Resources

Art for Kids Hub– Teaches your kid to draw so many different objects and characters! Olivia LOVES this and could do it for ours. Available on Youtube too. We use these pads for her art work.

Scholastic– Scholastic has so many activities by grade and offering it for free during this time.

Kahn Academy– a wide range of lessons and activities! Free to use!

Weareteachers.com– a huge list of online resources by grade!


  1. Help Bake/Cook in the Kitchen– I am having Olivia help me either make her daily snack or help prepare lunch. She will also always help me clean up the mess too.
  2. Shapes– pick out a shape and go around the house and find items in that shape
  3. Dance Party– No secret Olivia loves to dance so we will be turning the music up over the next couple of weeks. Gonoodle on youtube is a fun resource too!
  4. Picnics– we all will need some fresh air during this time so take your lunch outside a couple times a week.
  5. Sidewalk Chalk– Take your art projects outside! We use art hub for kids and have olivia draw all sorts of things!
  6. Organize– This could be anything in your house and you can also use this as an opportunity for young kids to count too!
  7. Painting– Just like drawing this will keep our kids busy for at least an hour! Make sure you hang up their artwork too šŸ˜‰
  8. Kid’s charcuterie Board– I make these for olivia afterschool sometimes and she thinks its so FUN! A great way to sneak in some healthy treats too.
  9. Facetime Family Members– our kids are used to being social pretty much all day. Call family members and check in on them! Grandparents will LOVE this!
  10. Puzzles and Board Games– A great way to spend time together as a fam!

Remember to give yourself and others grace during this period of time. I know we will all have an even bigger appreciation for teachers after this too!




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