A Backyard Picnic with my Mini


ON TARA- DRESS Rachel Parcell | SANDALS Steve Madden

ON OLIVIA- DRESS Rachel ParcellĀ 

PICNIC BASKET // QUILT // GLASSES Rachel ParcellĀ  // CUTTING BOARD Rachel Parcell

Hi Guys! Today I am excited to share a new mommy and me collection. Rachel Parcell, which I am sure most of you know, has has her namesake brand for years. Feminine silhouettes and stunning fabrics are just two of the things you can expect from each of her collections. Last year she launched into new categories like home and this year she released mini me styles. It is no surprise I fell in love and had to pick up pieces for Liv and I. Of course we are not currently leaving the house, but we just took the opportunity to get dressed up and have a backyard picnic during spring break.

I hope everyone and your family is staying healthy. xoxo Tara


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