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Hi Guys! This past Friday I did a wine tasting with my mom and sister. Y’all loved it so much and it was so much fun. Today I wanted to share my favorite wines with you guys at all price points. You will see some categories there are very few favorites as I do not prefer those types of wine and have not tried many. If you have any favorite Chardonnays, or Pinto Grigios, please let know in the comments! Now let’s get started!


  • Honig Bartolucci
    • We have visited the Honig vineyard a couple times and each time we are reminded why we love their wines! The Honig Bartolucci is hands down the best Cabernet I have had. We also love Honig’s Cabernet that you can get at your local stores too (if you see a 2015 bottle, get it! )
  • Plump Jack
    • Coming in a close second is Plump Jack Cabernet. We visited Plump jack on the first leg of our honeymoon and my words, the wines are phenomenal! You can not go wrong with any of them. The Cabernet has blackberry, fig, black cherry and raspberry notes. It has a spice finish and a true perfectly balanced cabernet.
  • Caymus
    • Caymus is a stunning vineyard and one of our favorites to visit. The Caymus Special Selection Cabernet is one of the most velvety glasses of wine I have had to date.   You can get their Cabernet in your local grocery store and you will not be disappointed.
  • Stags Leap
    • If you love a good dry Red Cabernet. Stags Leap is for you. This is one of Drew’s favorite, but it is a bit too dry for my palette.
  • Krupp Brothers (Veraison Stagecoah)
    • Drew and I had this at dinner in Napa and we did not stop talking about how delicious it was. It is a hard one to find, but if you see it grab it!
  • Hall Jack’s Masterpiece
    • My mom and I visited the Hall winery and this was our favorite wine of that day. This bottle is made by the former winemaker and now President of Hall Winery every year. The label’s artwork is also is done by his son (so darn sweet!)
  • Vina Robles 
    • Any bottle of Cabernet that comes from the Paso Robles region is sure to be a crowd favorite. Vina Robles is my favorite thus far from that region, but I also love  J.Lohr, Josh, and Prisoner Paso Robles.
  • Louis Martini
    • This bottle is one you will find at a lot of restaurants and comes in at the under $20 price range. There are multiple years available to purchase and the more recent bottles will be the ones you can find under $20. A great bottle of wine and always one of my go toos.
  • 14 Hands
    • Just Like Louis Martini, this also comes in at under $20. 14 hands is one I always grab for get togethers and I know I can always trust it will be a good glass.


  • Cristom
    • Oregan hands down makes the best Pinot Niors. When Drew and I first started dating I did not like red wine. He had me try a few here and there and then we started getting into Pinot Niors. Cristom was one we both absolutely loved. It will always hold a special place in my heart as we always had it for special occasions.
  • La Crema  (Russian River Valley) 
    • Russian River Valley is a region that always delivers delicious Pinots. They are rich, lush and fantastic with Italian food.


  • Ferrari Cerano
    • While I am not a huge Merlot fan, Ferrari Cerano is one of my favorite bottles of wine to drink. It has smooth, velvety, fruity notes and to me, much richer that most Merlots. 


  • Emmolo
    • When we visited Caymus we got to try the daughters wine Emmolo. It quickly become both my mom and my favorite Sauvignon Blanc.
  • Kim Crawford
    • This is a very popular Sauvignon Blanc and it never dissapoints.
  • Honig
    • Honig back again and now with their Sauvignon Blanc. When I told you we loved their vineyard, I was not joking haha.
  • Oyster Bay
    • This one comes in under $15 and a great New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc. I prefer New Zealand Sauvignon Blancs over Californian ones as they are more fruit forward.


  • Santa Margherita
    • Only one in this category and its easily my favorite. It has a dry apple taste, but drinks very smoothly.


  • Whispering Angel
    • French Rose’s take the top prize for me in the Rose Category. Whispering Angel is also a very well known Rose and it is my go to in the summer season.
  • Miraval
    • A very elegant Rose and to me similar to the Whispering Angel.
  • Meiomi
    • This is a fairly new Rose and it has a very unique Rose flavor with lush strawberry notes.
  • Palm by Whispering Angel
    • This is the sister release to the Whispering angel and I do think its smoother. It has more peach notes and a little easier on the wallet.
  • Cotes Des Roses
    • If you judged a rose by its bottle, you would probably go for this gorgeous bottle of Rose, the bottle is etched like a rose!  This wine is very smooth, slightly sweet and a great hostess gift!


  • Conundrum Red Blend
    • I had  to include this bottle on my post because it is truly the perfect red table wine. It includes by Zinfandel and Petite Syrah grapes which gives it a very rich and complex flavors. It has chocolate notes which makes it incredibly smooth too! This is another bottle I gift quite often!

Have a great week guys and see you back here tomorrow for a fun #nsale preview post! xoxo Tara

*Please drink responsibility and NEVER drink and drive. 


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