How to Decorate A Christmas Tree


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Hi Guys! Happy Friday! Today is Olivias birthday party, so be sure to head on over to my stories to check it out. We are keeping things pretty small with just one of her friends and cousins due to covid, but we made the most of it and went all out! We also had planned on going to NYC after her birthday but that got squashed too. BUT like I said, we are going to have a blast  celebrating.

Today I am sharing both my main tree and my moms! I will be sharing a full tutorial on my mom’s tree this Sunday on instagram, but you can check out our step by step below too! You can shop similar items to my tree here.


STEP 1- Start with the top of your tree. We use Christmas picks/sprays to add a fun dimension to the top. Start by placing them at all angles of the tree. We use even numbers of each pick at the top (usually 2 or 4.) We all place picks going at an upward angle because you do not want all your picks going straight up. After placing picks, we place a statement piece. My mom used reindeer and I used penguins. We have also used santa clauses, bows etc.

STEP 2- Start placing your largest items on your tree. Large ornament balls, large ornaments etc.

STEP 3- Start placing in your smaller ornaments.

STEP 4- Start placing in your special ornaments that you want to be seen the most.

STEP 5- Ribbon! We use our loop method or weave it thru the tree. This is wear you start to fill in holes too.

STEP 6- Smaller picks. I use a lot of glittery picks to add lots of fun pops of color to my tree. I always place these in like they are part of the tree (at a downward angle.)

STEP 7- Step back, grab a cup of hot chocolate (or wine,) and admire your tree!


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