Back To School Lunch Ideas





Hi Guys! Back again with another Back to School Post. I shared a back to school lunch post similar to this for Liv’s first year of school and you guys loved it! So we are back again with new ideas!

I want to preface this post with that YOU DO NOT have to make these types of lunches to be a good mom. I love sharing these ideas for those days where you may have the extra time or maybe when you want to have an extra special lunch for your child. I typically go all out the first couple of weeks of school since its a new adjustment and this year, after a 1.5 years of virtual school, I know Olivia will be going thru a bit of emotions. Believe me when I say, there will be lunchable days and days where I put together a lunch in record speed. Take these ideas to inspire your creativity and have fun with it!


Olivia and I love to visit NYC and have tea at the Plaza which is what inspired this lunch. Every item is bite size and downright adorable! I took all her favorite types of sandwhiches and made smaller versions.  I did the same for dessert. I probably will not go this dessert heavy on a typical day (even though Liv would love that haha,) but I wanted to show you some options. I also included little skewers of her favorite veggies and fruit too. I used these cookie cutters to make the sandwiches and if you want to amp this up even more, include some sweet tea!  Here are some options to include for the tea items.

SAVORY- Cracker sandwiches, mini quiche, egg bites, cheese skewers, pinwheel sandwiches, cucumber sandwiches, classic ham and cheese, PB&J

DESSERT – Macarons, Cream Puffs, Eclairs, Oreos, Cookie sandwiches, marshmallows, mini cup cakes, mini muffins


We live for our Taco Tuesdays so I thought I would incorporate it in one of her lunches! I got the small burrito boats and filled them with greens. Then Olivia can build her own mini taco salads at school with taco meat, cheese and any other favorite toppings. I also got the salsa and chips lunchable and disassembled it for her lunch. I use these clear cups for the salsa and cheese and Liv loves the tiny little chips.

For Dessert I made my version of dunkaroos! I LOVED them growing up and while they are back to purchase, I love this version even more. I put icing in a cup and then vanilla cupcake gold fish to dip with. I also included some sprinkles to dip into after the icing for a little extra surprise.


You can probably see a trend here, I love interactive lunches! Olivia loves the parfaits at Chickfila, so I recreated them for lunch! I put greek yogurt in a seperate container and then the toppings of choice for her to build her own parfait. I do granola or crushed up oreos and fresh fruit.

CHARCUTERIE (AKA Big Kid Lunchable)

I am pretty famous in my family for my charcuterie boards. The kids call them snackplates and ask for them before even arriving to my house. Naturally, I had to make a lunch version for Liv! I include a package of ritz crackers, cut up cheese/meats, veggies with dips, fruit and some cookies for dessert. Your kid will feel awfully fancy with this lunch!