Drew’s trip to the Dentist ….duh duh duhhhhhhn

So anyone that knows Drew knows he has some pretty bad luck. He broke his leg in Vail, got in a motorcycle accident… etc. Well last Thursday when he went to the dentist with a tooth ache, it turned out to be another bout of bad luck. Drew had a cracked tooth, so they put a crown on it to fix it…. WELL, it didn’t quite fix the problem; it made it about 100x worse! Drew’s jaw line and throat got swollen and he was in some pretty intense pain. To top it all off… he was in one of his best friend’s weddings that weekend! Needless to say, Drew probably has some interesting looks on his face in those pictures! Drew had to go to a root canal specialist and to an oral surgeon to get looked at. They even started a root canal and then had to stop because of the infection! Yesterday he got his root canal finished and he told me that he would have rather of gotten 10 root canals instead of going through all this misery. Drew is on his way to recovery with the help of some super antibiotics, and major pain meds. Yeah, he has been a little… VERY… kooky this past week. Maybe I should have gone to school to be a nurse like my little sister. I sure do have A LOT of experience! : ) Love you babe!

a few of us girls at the wedding me and jennifer
drew and some of his friends
this is Drew and I at the wedding.. you can tell in this picture he is trying his best to smile even though he is miserable! : (


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