Bikes, Blues and a Wedding?

Yep, Saturday was the original date for our wedding, but we had to change it due to the Bikes Blues and BBQ festival. I really didnt want to ride to my reception on a motorcycle. : ) About two months into the planning I got a phone call from my church informing me that I was getting married during this festival. I about had a heard attack! But luckily, all my vendors were available for the new date. So it was just a tiny speed bump : )
This weekend was pretty fun. Drew was in Austin at the game the whole weekend. He had awesome seats, but there wasnt much to watch : / He said he had a good time though. Friday night I went to my sister, Rachel’s house and we had our own dance party! Rachel, Jessica,and my mom would kill me if I put the pictures of us with claire’s tutu’s on our heads, so I will just post this cute picture of Rachel and Claire and of Sadie and Oscar : )

Saturday I ventured over to dickson street for Bikes Blues and BBQ. I am not much into motorcycles, especially after Drew wrecked his 3 years ago, but we had a great time.

my little sister and her boyfriend Neil.
me and kristy
me, kristy and a few of her co workers my flapper dress! so much fun!
Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! I am already looking forward to the coming weekend… My first bridal shower is next sunday!!!! : )


9 thoughts on “Bikes, Blues and a Wedding?

  1. Maggie

    Oh, man, you should have shared the ‘tu-tu on your head’ pics!! LOL

    Sounds like you guys had a great weekend. Bet knowing that was your original wedding date makes it all sink in just a little bit more, huh?! Just think, you could be on your honeymoon right now!! =)

  2. Lane

    Can’t wait for the big day! I’m glad you switched it too because that would have been one busy day for us! 🙂 That picture of Rachel and Claire is so good!

  3. Rachel

    OMG Tara – I was getting so nervous when I started reading this and thought you were going to put those pictures up =)!!! Only you would wear a flapper dress to BBBQ!!

  4. Jessica

    LOVE the new blog page. I must get mine done soon!!! Can’t wait for the shower this weekend. This weekend starts it all. Did I tell you I bought 4 pairs of shoes this weekend – YIKES!!!

  5. Brooke Bertalan

    Nice post. Don’t listen to anyone else about you wearing a dress to BBBQ. I thought you looked great! I had on a dress and Mitch made me change into jeans. Haha. Good thing I did though because I froze my a off. It’s that time of year when the Sun sets earlier. 🙁

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