Fabulous Blog Award

Well I decided to make mine own award up…. the FABULOUS Blog Award!

The Criteria

1. Must live in the south or be born in the south!

2. Must live life in the fabulous lane
3. Must treat others with respect and class
4. Must love kids!
5. Must be a fashionista!
6. Must love their family!

Here are my picks… (I could give this award to SO many people, but I want others to get the chance to give it away : ) )

My sister Rachel– Not only is she the most fabulous sister, she is a fabulous mom, entertainer, and blogger! She exudes fabulousness in her every day life and always does it while looking fantastic!

Amy– Amy is a southern girl with a HUGE heart! She is not afraid to make mistakes and to be herself. Her blog is so refreshing and inspiring. I really hope I get to meet her someday!

Carolyn– She is just plain fabulous. She is a gorgeous girl on a mission! I love reading about her adventures before she turns 30. She loves being an aunt like myself and I hope to meet her very soon!


5 thoughts on “Fabulous Blog Award

  1. Carolyn

    AWEEEEEEEEE!! You rock Tara! Thank you so much for the award, I will definitely pass it along. One thing though, I was born in PA. I wonder if we can overlook that for just a bit. 😉

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