Boots with the Fur

I woke up today and took sadie outside and felt the cool breeze of fall so I decided to break out my Ugg boots, even though its definitely not cold enough for them! I couldn’t help myself! I am known in my family as a notorious high heel wearing girl no matter what the weather is. I just think open toe shoes are so much cuter than closed. 🙂 Well the UGG craze actually hit the US around 8 years ago. I didn’t jump on the ban wagon the first time around, but I did last year. I thought to myself, what is so appealing about these big furry boots (well big in my case because i wear a size 9). Then last year I tried a pair on for the first time and didn’t want to take them off. These big furry boots are heaven for your feet! Most men find these boots ridiculous, with the exception of FLO RIDA…but do they EVER have to wear heels(except Tom Cruise)? I couldn’t tell if Drew gave me a “gosh those boots again” or “Tara, its not THAT cold outside” look this morning, maybe it was a little bit of both. : ) No matter what, I will not give up my sheepskin boots for nothing, and plan on getting a black pair this winter.

Wearing my UGG boots with pride : )

We broke out Sadie’s Fall clothes ;)Sadie in her Juicy Couture Hoodie : )


9 thoughts on “Boots with the Fur

  1. LyndsAU

    I adore these and I am like you… typically I amin high heels 🙂 I want the black ones too… but should I just save and get the Christian Louboutins instead-that’s lots of saving 🙂

  2. Lane

    I had to actually pull out my jacket last night because it was freezing outside! YAY for fall weather! Those boots are adorable and Sadie is better dressed than most people…hilarious!

  3. Rachel

    You look cute today! I was so excited this morning with I let the boys out that it was cold!! I wore long sleeves…Claire wore her juicy jacket to dance =)!! We need to find me a pair of Uggs – I am still pissed about last year…that would make a great hostess gift (how many gifts am I up to now?? =)

  4. Kristy

    I love the boots! I just don’t ever think I can pull them off. I guess I’m not cool enough… =)

    I was ready to bust out the sweaters and all this morning too!

  5. Megan

    I jumped on the Ugg bandwagon last year also (it took me awhile) but I LOVE them! I plan on getting another pair this year. You can’t have just one pair right?!?!

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