I have been a Cowboys fan since I was little. My dad is a huge fan as well, so we were brought up to love the blue star. When Arkansas player Felix Jones got drafted as a Cowboys, I was so excited!! I think after last nights game, everyone can not stop questioning his abilities!!! His 98 yard kick off return was the first one since 2003 for the cowboys! I was watching the game by myself last night, while drew was with his buddies. I am actually more of a football fan than Drew, he likes basketball better, but I wanted to watch Gossip Girl before the game started : ) I was flipping back and fourth watching two shows at once and all of a sudden I heard my next door neighbors going nuts and I was like DANG IT, I missed something, I flipped it back to the game and saw Felix walking into the end zone, well THANK GOD for dvr, I got to watch his return 3 times! : ) That game was so much fun to watch, it was a shoot out all night with my boys coming out on top! It was priceless when the announcers said that they were so enthralled with the game, that they didnt even have time to mention Jessica Simpson! 🙂 The Cowboys are in it to win it this year and I CANT wait to go see them play in october for my bachelorette party!!!!!!
super bowl here we come!

yes sadie has a cowboys shirt too! DUH! : )

I think my neighbors (and sadie)thought i was nuts! haha


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  1. Mrs. Forever

    That game was incredible! My husband and I were one the phone and texting all night after all of the great plays.

    Where did you find the puppy jersey – I would love one for my little girl!

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