I LOVE being “Aunt T”

Yesterday I went over to my sister’s house to visit my niece and nephew, Claire and Owen. Being an Aunt to these kids is so much fun! I absolutely love to spoil them rotten and I know they enjoy every minute of it. Yesterday I brought them some chocolate cake, which then turned into the perfect photo opt! : ) Claire talked to me about her day at school and how she was the line leader(yea! Claire) and how she played a secret game with her friends. She then said that Aunts are allowed to know the secret game, especially me, but then she felt bad and had to tell her nonna too! haha such a sweetie! She also had a cooking show for me and my mom called “Mrs. Stellas Cooking Show” hmm I think she watches the Food Network with her mama! 🙂 Owen heard all of us having fun downstairs and woke up early from his nap (sorry nonna). Of course he smelled the brownies Claire made and grabbed Nonna’s hands and directed her to the kitchen. I seriously can’t go longer than a few days without seeing these two cuties! They brighten my bad days and they make me so excited to be a mom one day! Love you Claire and O!
BEFORE things got messy haha Claire putting chocolate on my face haha got her back!this kid loooooves chocolate!sadie!claire and my mom(nonna) reading a cookbook!me and Claire!some love for me! : )what a stinkin cutie he is!love these kids!


8 thoughts on “I LOVE being “Aunt T”

  1. Megan

    I just became an aunt and I love it so much!! Its amazing how much I love that little baby. I can’t wait to spoil him as he gets older.
    Those pictures are so cute! You always look so beautiful!!

  2. Brittney

    You are just how I was before I had kids. I was always with my sisters girls and taking pictures! IT wasgreat getting to really bond with them before my own kids showed up!

    It will be even more fun when you throw your kids in on the mix one day!

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