Britney is BACK.. and NEW BLOG DESIGN!

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Britney’s new single “womanizer” was leaked last week and was supposed to debut today, but they delayed it for another week! Well I like what I hear! But goodness.. holy airbrushing to that picture!

on to bigger news…… : )
MY Blog has been TRANSFORMED!

YIPPPIIE! Now.. how FABulous is it!! : ) I am so thrilled with it! Thank you SO much Summer, you have made the blog of my dreams! : ) haha


11 thoughts on “Britney is BACK.. and NEW BLOG DESIGN!

  1. Brooke Bertalan

    Well, when you announced that you were getting your blog designed by Summer, I have to admit that I was skeptical on how much greater she could really make it look. I mean, your blog was already pretty nice. So, with that said, I have to admit I underestimated Summer’s expertise. What a blog!! It is perfect for you Tara. It looks so good. (I am going to have to copy it for my myspace.)

  2. Maggie

    Love it, love it, love it!! Your new blog design is AWESOME!!! =)

    I know it, what’s up with that pic of Brit – I mean, come on, now! You know those aren’t her real legs even!! Good gosh!!

  3. Lane

    Oh I love it!! It is so you Tara! And the invitations are just beautiful. Love Rachel’s expressions! Hilarious!

    Sterling says thank you for the birthday wishes, btw! 🙂

  4. Brandi

    Hi Tara! I have been reading your blog for a bit through your sister Rachel.

    Oh and love the new layout! I need to get on my game here and get a new layout myself!

    And as far as Brit’s pic, yes super airbrushed! I don’t understand the whole cartoon aspect she’s been going with lately. Show your true self you know!

    Anyways, just wanted to drop by and say hello!

  5. Think Classy.


    I just randomly came across your blog today and it’s great!

    What do you products do you use on your hair, if you don’t mind me asking?? It’s so gorgeous! I’m envious!

    Cheers to a new layout and whoa on the airbrushing on Brit! Glad she’s back though!

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