Wedding Invitation Weekend!

niiiice Rachel 🙂

The whole weekend we worked on the wedding invitations! We had quite the assembly line going! I love the final product! They are very traditional and girly. We added the pearls and bows ourselves, well my mom did! I didnt want to mess them up : ) I have about 30 more to do and then that weight will be off my shoulders! This morning I took the bunch we had done to the post office and OF COURSE they need extra postage! ugh! should have known.

before we started! Can you see Rachel’s enthusiasm!

copper pig! where we got the invitations!

claire helping me : )

my mom using the ribbon stamper

sadie in the invitation box haha

wine and wedding inviations!

cute pic of Rachel and Claire

haha.. claire got ahold of the camera


Drew and I also went to the hogs game Saturday, which wasnt much of a game. Poor hogs, I am chalking this year up as a “rebuilding year.” We have an awesome recuriting class already, so lets look forward to that! My Cowboys won again last night, and Felix scored another long touchdown! He is so awesome! Hope everyone had a great weekend!
Drew and I tailgating
me and niki! It was so humid


8 thoughts on “Wedding Invitation Weekend!

  1. Maggie

    Love that you documented this precious time in your life!! Years from now (when you’re old and grey – HA!) you can look back at these pics and say, wow, look at what we did!! They are beautiful!! You guys did a great job!

    Love Sadie in the box!! Meeko is FAMOUS for that! My fav is when we get out the Christmas Tree box – he gets in it every year! =)

  2. Brooke Bertalan

    Tara the invites look gorgeous! I can’t wait to see one in person. Looks like ya’ll did a good job. What a cute little helper Claire was. Very attractive necklace she’s wearing too. 🙂

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