“Nonuts”, and Little Black Dresses!

A couple days ago I brought Claire and Owen some Doughnuts, aka “Nonuts”, from krispy kremes. Owen was asleep, but Claire dug right in and ate one in probably world record time. Well Owen woke up about an hour later and my mom and I were watching TV, what we didnt know is that Owen had found the Nonuts. We both turn around and see Owen with a doughnut in each hand with all three dogs waiting for him to drop a piece. The dogs didnt get any because Owen ate every last bite! haha.. dont mess with o and his nonuts!

Last night we had a Kitchen Queen party and we dressed up for our one year anniversary. Well of course I had to get Sadie’s Little Black Dress out. I know, I know.. the dog has A LOT of clothes, but right now she is the closest thing to a child I have, so just let me be : )
Claire actually took this picture!

Sadie and my sister Nicole’s Dog Winston.. they are best buds!

she is such a doll.. (look at her eyelashes)

My beautiful family

my yummy sliders!

4 thoughts on ““Nonuts”, and Little Black Dresses!

  1. Anne-Toireasa

    Heya – I just found your blog – followed a link from Blue Eyed Bride (which I also just found – I’m on a roll!) The photos of you and your hubby are TOO cute! Also, your dog is ADORABLE – what kind of dog is it? I’m getting a Westie in December – and it looks a bit like one – so I’m curious 🙂

    Hope you’re well!!

  2. Kristy

    Can I just say (without sounding like a weirdo) that you have the most beautiful hair?? Seriously. Pantene commercial hair. =)
    You, your mom and sisters are so pretty!!
    I’ve thought about posting that before, but I figured that since we’ve commented a few time, we’re buds and I could tell you that I love your hair… ha ha.
    Have a good weekend, girl!!

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