Fo Shizzle.. Welcome to our hizzle

I will get to why this post is so uniquely named in a bit… but first

I HAVE BEEN TAGGED BY Make Mine a Mojito!

I have to name 7 random/strange facts about myself!

Here we go!

1. My hair-
  • I have red hair, but both my sisters have dark hair. When I was little I told people my mama made it : )
  • I have never dyed my hair
  • Anytime I get my hair cut, even if its just at trim.. I always feel like half my hair is gone

2. I HATE the smell of maple syrup and I think random things smell like it too.. strange I know! I will eat it, but only at this one place in town… Uncle Gaylords- the best pancakes EVER!

3. I have never been stung by a bee/wasp…. knocking HARD on wood

4. I have a fear of an electrical fire happening at my house while im gone. lol.. I always unplug things out of the wall

5. Like Mrs. Mojito… I love grapes but do not like anything grape flavored .. I get a headache thinking about it . Also, I love anything mint, especially mini candy canes, I stock up on those as soon as they hit the stores.

6. My arms are double jointed

7. I have a very good memory.. almost photographic.. I remember my 7th grade cheerleader tryout dance and I remember EVERYTHING Drew says haha… sometimes he hates that : )

I tag Lane and Carolyn
Last night I went to my friend Kristin’s house and ate some pizza and drank wine. I got to her house and when I walked into her garage i saw this…..

I laughed so hard…who comes up with these things? I want that job! She got this as a joke to her boyfriend.

We planned on watching Baby’s Mama but instead we talked about the wedding! : ) Here are a few pictures

Its almost friday!!! yippie!


7 thoughts on “Fo Shizzle.. Welcome to our hizzle

  1. Rachel

    I can’t believe you can still remember your 7th grade cheerleading routine!! I am going to call BS and make you do it this weekend =)…I am sure you do, but I want to see it!!

    That mat is hilarious!!

  2. Brooke Bertalan

    I’m going over to Rachel’s to join her in making you do your 7th grade cheerleading routine. That is some talent you have to be able to remember things like that. I don’t remember any of my dance routines. Not even ones from my senior year. I had a hard time even remembering them while I was on stage! I should show you the tape of my senior solo. Hilarious. I forgot the routine at the begining of the dance. I recovered though. Why didn’t you become a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader???

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