Wifey Duties

First, I want to thank everyone for your super sweet comments on the last post! You guys made my day! : )
The Bridal portrait sesssion went great! Besides the fact that my wedding dress is too big (I lost a little weight after the first fitting), it was tons of fun! I got to see a few of the pictures on her camera and I think I will really like them! Here is a picture of my hair, but it will not be this way for the wedding day, I wouldnt leave my bangs alone during the shoot and they went a little flat.

Last night I surprised Drew and cooked him a yummy dinner! I felt like such a wife : ) Drew lovees when I cook dinner, and lately i have been soooo busy with wedding stuff I havent been able too. He also decided to model the hat I had on yesterday… cute Drew : )

We received one of our place settings at the last shower, So I went and bought another setting so we could use our new dishes! haha even though your not supposed too : )
our little family : )haha NICE

Tomorrow is my couples shower that Rachel is throwing! I am sooooo excited!!!! Have a fabulous weekend everyone!!!! : )


11 thoughts on “Wifey Duties

  1. Think Classy.

    I am absolutely OBSESSED with your hair!! I’m so excited for you! I love weddings, a few of my close girlfriends are planning their weddings as well and its just so much fun. You’re going to look so gorgeous! 🙂

  2. Brooke Bertalan

    I love your hair! You are going to be so gorgeous on your wedding day. (Even more gorgeous than you are everyday!)

    That dinner you made looks very tasty. You are like a gormet cook. Poor Mitch hardley ever gets a meal like that. I need to get some good “meal” ideas from you!

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