Always Remember Your Goodnight Kiss!

This weekend was awesome! My sister Rachel, threw Drew and I an INCREDIBLE couples shower! She needs to go into the party planning business! She has the knack for it!!! She did a yellow, black and white theme and it was so pretty! She gave us the arrangements that she had for decoration and we LOVE them. There were so many people that helped with the shower, BIG THANK YOUs to Lane, Jennifer, Brooke, Nicole, Nina, Erin, and Becky!!!!

We got SO many nice things…. almost all of our everyday dishes(with the chip and dip tray, butter dish and creme/sugar to match), an electric wine opener (our old one broke the night before haha), these gorgeous gorham glasses that look like soap opera glasses haha, our 3 tiered plate holder, red wine glasses, stemless wine glasses, a wilton armetale bread dish, toaster oven, crockpot, all sorts of kitchen utensils, 8 place settings of silverware, champange glasses, more beautiful christmas decorations from Drew’s Nonnie, a mini deep fryer, a food processor and blender combo, our master bathroom shower curtain with rings to match, 3 rugs, our decorative bathroom towells, our gold perfume/cologne tray, a zebra baking dish, Coasters with a holder, and the prettiest dog treat jar EVER. Needless to say we are so blessed! I took around 180 pictures with the help from my bridesmaid Brittany… so again you have been warned : )

Thank you so much Rachel for putting this together! We appreciate it so much!! Everything was perfect and blew us both away! We love you!!!!

me and my partner in crime
me and my babydoll sadie jane
how beautiful is that!!!
the GORGEOUS table

nicole will be catching my boquet : )
me and jess
rachel is the BEST
love O
me and Emma, one of my flower girls

drews step brother! He looked so nice
me and my matron of honor : )
my mom and drews mom! so pretty
heath and lane
me and drews mom

awww drew loves the deep fryer! haha
hot mamas : )
me and my girls
love you brooke!
from left . drews mom, grandma and step mom

claire and Jace were our helpers

love for the groom
pretty pretty girls
haha drew
Claire is the best helper
we are so excited : )

our fav cookout buddies
love for the bride to be
too cute sterling! drew and i having a moment haha : )
laughing at what everyone wrote on the picture board
my grandma and matron of honor being silly like always
us girls and our mom
me and jess all the wonderful presents : )

Sadie got a present! Look how gorgeous this dog treat jar is!!!!

Also! The Hogs Beat Auburn AT Auburn! How awesome is that! Those silly Hogs like to surprise us! On a sad note, the Cowboys lost! BOOOOO But Boy was the last min of the game exciting! They better pull it back together for the Tampa game when I am there!! : )
Also, the post name I can’t credit for, Erin wrote that on my picture board at the shower and I just thought it was the sweetest thing ever! Thanks Erin!
Have a fabulous week everyone! XOXO


14 thoughts on “Always Remember Your Goodnight Kiss!

  1. Brooke Bertalan

    I am so sad that I couldn’t stay for the whole shower. 🙁 I was having so much fun and I didn’t want to leave. I will try to stay the whole time at your next party. Haha! JK! Your next party is in Dallas and there is no way I will be leaving early from that!! I can’t wait!

    Looks like you got a ton of wonderful things from the shower. I just love the…… everything you registered for! You have such elegant and beautiful taste!

  2. Maggie

    What a PAR-TAY!!! Looks like it was tons of fun! The table and decorations looked amazing!! I’m so glad you guys had a great time and got lots of great things!!

    Love Sadie’s treat jar!! =)

  3. Missy R.

    Such a cute shower & i love the dog treat jar.

    I love Dallas but Romo is really starting to make me mad! He has been playing really bad! But Now that he has a broken pinky and they are putting in Johnson maybe we will win next weekend! 🙂

  4. Carolyn

    What a FABULOUS looking bunch of friends you have! And the women in your family are just stunning…your wedding really is going to be amazing.
    I love the decorations too, your hostesses did a fantastic job!

  5. Jessica

    Had a blast Saturday night!!! You looked great in your teal dress. Your gifts were fabulous!! This week at KQ I will bring your second gift. The wine bottle holder and the napkin holder were supposed to be one gift. Dillard’s wrapped it separately so it was so confusing to remember 2 gifts. When I told Denny to grab the gifts Saturday night he only grabbed the wrapped on, not the wrapped one in a bag – men!!! FYI it’s not a registered gift, but all queens need one!!!
    XOXO to you too!!!

  6. Charlie

    omg!! i just discovered your blog!! you are too cute, i love it! my sister and i just started a blog–i hope it can be as excellent as yours 🙂

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