Halloween was so much fun this year! Claire and Owen had a “BOO Bash” and everyone was required to come in their halloween finest. I actually was two things this year, a pirate and a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader. Drew was Iceman from Top Gun and we couldnt think of anything to go with it, so he told me to wear my Dallas Cheerleader outfit because Ice Man rolls with girls like that. hahahha. typical Drew. I bought Sadie a few costumes but since she is so tiny and long none of them looked right on her so I got her a halloween dress, fur collar, and bows. As you can see in the pictures below, she was not to fond of the bow. : ) Drew and I also went to one of his friends parties and boy did I see some funny costumes there! Like Always, I took TONS of pictures! ENJOY!

me and Dog.

me and John-o-Lantern

drew and some of his friends

ice and his DCC

yeah i feel like a dork putting this one up, but I want proof after I have kids of how I used to look haha (and this will probably be the last year I will wear something like this haha)

group shot


my sassy sister

stealing peoples props

super sweet sixteen!

me and O the vampire

she is a doll

of course my sister has an awesome table

me and Ariel : )

me and sadie pre party!

isnt she just a doll

haha yep i got a black and white one : )
Saturday we went to the Hogs game and then I went out with some of my girlfriends. I heard the funniest pick-up line as I was walking into Bordinos to eat. Us three were just minding our own business and this guy walks up to me and says… “wooah, your your.. your beautiful… can I touch your hand? ” hahaha.. I couldnt help but laugh. I dont know if the poor guy was nervouse or if he was serious. haha..

One of the dresses i got in Dallas! It was bought for the honeymoon but i couldnt wait to wear it! : )

Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! 13 Days till the Big day! eeeeeeeeeeeeee!


16 thoughts on “Halloweeeeeeeen!

  1. Mojito Maven

    ummmm ok when I lose those 17 pounds I pray to god that I look like you and can wear a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders costume next year!!!!!!! You look HOT!

  2. Maggie

    Great pictures!!! I loved Ice Man and ‘his girl’ the DCC together!! LOL And Miss Sadie… too cute!!

    Looks like that was TONS of fun!!

  3. Rachel

    Shane and Chad at the party after you changed in the DCC costume:
    “I don’t think we are supposed to be looking at this”

    You are awesome!!

  4. Jessica

    You looked great in all the pictures. You weren’t supposed to wear the zipper dress yet!!! That was for Drew in Hawaii. Did he see it on you and… I’m sure he loves it. What guy wouldn’t love a zipper in the front. Have a great weekend this week it’s your last one before the big day – can’t wait it’s going to be fun. Do you have any plans? I plan to hang with Rachel since Shane is gone.

  5. Tara Post author

    you guys are so nice!! Thank you for the great compliments !!! I had to drink a few margaritas before I changed into the dcc costume haha!

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