Jumpin on the 6th folder, 6th picture bandwagon

oh this picture just makes me smile! Me, my litttle sister Nicole and Claire were making brownies and started putting it on each others faces. haha. (pardon my workout clothes haha)
So I am finally feeling better! yea! But you guys would not BELIEVE the drama I am dealing with my wedding. I dont really want to air diry laundry on the internet about it, but would appreciate some prayers. : ) Hope everyone has a fabulous wednesday! : )


10 thoughts on “Jumpin on the 6th folder, 6th picture bandwagon

  1. Maggie

    Very cute picture!! =)

    Oh, no!! Wedding Drama?! I hope whatever you are dealing w/ all work sout OK. I’ll say a little prayer for you!! =)

  2. Brooke Bertalan

    That is my favorite picture of you three. It just captures the moment so well. Claire is too cute in this picture looking up at you and Nicole with that smile on her face.

    Don’t be too worried about your wedding. No matter what happens, it will still be the best day of your life and it WILL be as fabulous as you are.

  3. Nicole

    I hope everything goes OK! It will all pull together. The last few weeks are the most stessful. Don’t worry about too much though! You need to be enjoying yourself 🙂

  4. Rachel

    You know I am not going to let anyone ruin this day for you…oh the wrath of a sister scorned =)!

    Cute picture! I remember it very well….

  5. Lane

    Girl I heard…You are in my prayers and everything is working out obviously how it was meant to be since the beginning! It’s almost over and in the end it will all turn out fine. I can’t wait for your wedding, it’s going to be so beautiful! 🙂

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