Limos, Football, Dancin, and blogger friends! : )

WELL HELLO! Wowee did I have a great weekend! 10 of us girls went to Dallas for my Bachelorette party! My sister Rachel organized this fabulous trip and did a fantastic job! We took tons of pics, danced all night and have lots of memories to bring home! I had so much fun!

Here are pictures from the first night

haha so cute!

i have no excuse for this picture haha

pretty jessica

they got me a crown!

sisters being silly

love them

Saturday day we planned a day of shopping! My fav : ) ALSO, we met Carolyn and Brittany for lunch! They both were so sweet and beautiful! I have gotten to know them thru the blogging world and was so happy to finally meet them! We had fun sippin on margaritas and I think we could have talked for hours! THANK YOU GUYS FOR HAVING LUNCH WITH US IT WAS FABULOUS!

cheesin for the camera

my girls!

pretty girls

we gotta meet up again!

bloggin buddies : )

Here are some pics from the “party” night.. We ate at The Dragonfly at ZaZA then rented a limo to take us around dallas. Rachel, Nicole, Jess and Brooke made me the fabulous sash im wearing in these pictures. It went perfect with my dress! I loved it! Also, thanks to carolyn we got the night started off great from her friend Max at the bar! (He hooked us up girl! ) We stayed at Suite the whole night and danced our booties off. My legs are so sore from dancin INSIDE the limo ahah… There were about 100 pics from this night but i will just save those for memories, not for the bloggin world haha..

Sunday we went to the dallas game and Kristin and I made shirts for everyone! They were adorable! I also got all the girls white star earrings! : ) The cowboys won so it was a great time!

me in my white boots

my step mom joined us for the game!!
I am so tired and have the cold I have been fighting for about a week now, and I am looking forward to a nice night in with my puppy and Drew! Three more weeks till the Wedding!!!! YIPPIE! : )


19 thoughts on “Limos, Football, Dancin, and blogger friends! : )

  1. Rachel

    I soooooo held my breath during these pictures….glad you had such a good time, IT WAS AWESOME!! Now it is all FOR REAL, sniff sniff =).

    Ryan Carraba SUCKS!!!!!!!!!

  2. Lane

    I love all your pictures!!! Looks like you guys had such a fun time! How exciting!! I can’t believe it’s only 3 weeks away…ahhh!! 🙂

    Love those shirts…too cute!

  3. Carolyn

    YEAH!!!! I am SO glad Max hooked you girls up, I knew he would take care of you! I will go in and give him a big hug for that one!!!

    SO GREAT to meet you all, I loved the lunch and convo…you girls looked awesome all weekend!!!

  4. Brooke Bertalan

    I can’t believe how much fun we had this weekend!! Thank you so much for inviting me to go along. You were so fun dancing in the limo. I just wish I could remember what song that was that you were walking around to?? I have never laughed so hard.

  5. Missy R.

    OMG! I love your pictures! So glad you had a fabulous time & I'm uber jealous you got to go to a Dallas Game however without Tony Romo's hot ass I think it would be a little disappointing! 🙂
    Also you have to tell me where you go that dress! I love love love it!

  6. Jessica

    Had a blast in Dallas. That was my first time in Dallas. I will have so many fun and funny memories from Dallas. The trip wasn’t that bad. We need to plan another trip and this time spend the whole time SHOPPING. That was so much fun!!!!

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