I have been tagged multiple times so I need get on the ball and complete my duties : )
First I was tagged by Nicole

Here are my answers:

Top Four Wishes:
1. For the children I have to be healthy
2. To not be sick this weekend (even though i already am : ( )
3. Have a long lasting loving marriage
4. Find our dream home

Four places I want to travel:
2. Ireland
4. Fiji

careers I want to be involved in:
1. Event planning/Wedding planning- after planning mine, I would love to do it for someone else, my mom thinks this would be my ideal job.
2. Boutique owner- this may become a reality..
3. Personal shopper : ) –
4. Buyer for a major department store

Four things I would like God to say to me at the gates of Heaven:
1. WELCOME followed by a big hug : )
2. I have been waiting for you
3. Let’s go find your family and pets : )
4. Let’s go for a walk

Favorites by pictures!

1. Clothing- online shopbop.. at store Saks

2. Furniture- I.O METRO

3. City- New York- (i took this picture: ))

4. Sweets- Candy Canes and Creme Brulee

5. Drink- Red Wine

6. Music- Led Zeplin and Carrie Underwood- haha so opposite

7. Movies- Miracle on 34th Street and Pretty Women

8. Workout- Running

9. Pastery- Pumpkin Bread
10- Coffee- nonfat Marble Mocha Macchiato (sp? )

If you havent been tagged and want to join in on the fun.. I tag you! : )


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