SO EXCITED for the weekend!

This weekend is my bachelorette party! whoo hoo!! We are leaving around 12 on friday and heading to the big D. My dad rented us a stretch limo for the “party” night and we are eating at the Dragonfly. All my girls are wearing black dresses and I am wearing this sequin pink dress! I forsee lots and lots of pictures! : ) At first my friend Brittany and I were the only ones going to the Cowboys game because the tickets skyrocketed in price, but my awesome Uncle just scored us some tickets and everyone that is staying sunday gets to go to the game! I AM SOOOOO EXCITED! I have been to one cowboys game before, but it was preseason, so this will be my first “real” professional football game. The weather is supposed to be beautiful too! Now…. what are us girls going to wear to the game. : )

I am sad though that Romo isnt playing or Felix : ( But, they both need to get healthy!!!

Since its almost hallween and this kinda goes with this post.. here some pictures!.. I was a Cowboys Cheerleader last year for halloween… Drew said I cant wear this ever again on halloween unless I am with him : )

this is from a scrap book if you cant tell.. haha..
haha.. yeah i look like the odd one out : )


15 thoughts on “SO EXCITED for the weekend!

  1. Jessica

    You’re quick on this blog. Team Bride is great for our matching football shirts. Can’t wait for this weekend!!! It’s almost here!

  2. Carolyn

    ya’ll are going to have SO MUCH FUN this weekend!!! I cannot wait to meet you all!

    I have a good friend that works at ZaZa (the hotel that Dragonfly is located in)…I’ll see if he is working on Saturday…maybe send over some free shots to get your night going??!! I have never paid for a drink there. haha.

  3. Maggie

    Have a great time this weekend! Don’t you love it when the weather actually cooperates with you when you have AWESOME outdoor plans?! =) Take lots of pics!!

  4. Missy R.

    Ok 1st. I hope you have sooo much fun on your bachelorette party!
    2nd. I love love love love love you halloween costume! 🙂
    3rd. I gave you an award check out my blog!
    Have fun!

  5. Lane

    I hope you girls have so much fun this weekend! Take lots of pictures (what am I telling that to you for!!?) and I can’t wait to see them.

  6. Brooke Bertalan

    Yay! I am so excited about this weekend! It is going to be soo fun. Give your uncle a big ol’ kiss and a hug from me. How awesome is it that he got us tickets!!! See you tomorrow!

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