Dog Sitting and a sneak peak : )

This weekend was pretty relaxing and just what I needed after the stressful week I had.

Friday night Drew and I had a date night and went to one of our favorite places to eat, Hugos. Then we came back to our house and hung out with the dog over a bottle of wine.. . typical friday night at the Gibson/Caire household!
drew wasnt ready haha
Saturday night I watched Rachel’s dogs while they were in Branson. Jessica came over and we watched Sex and the City. We got some funny pics! I think the pups missed Claire and Owen : )

can you see the excitment : )

oscar was getting lots of lovin!
Sunday I cooked a big put of chili and Drew and I watched Football, well as you can see Drew and Sadie actually slept. : ) The Cowboys game was so ugly that I turned it off, which never happens. I really hope they pull it together by this weekend since I WILL BE THERE! WHOO HOOO! This weekend is my bachelorette party in Dallas. I have been loading up on the Vitamin C because I feel like im coming down with a cold : ( I hope I feel better by friday!

sadie heard the camera and looked up haha: )
And for the sneak peak! I got my bridal portraits saturday and I could not be any happier with them! I am soooooo picky when it comes to pictures of myself and I absolutely love these pics. My photographer is so talented! Drew begged to see one so I showed him this one. You cant really see my dress and honestly you cant even tell im wearing a wedding dress.(can you tell i feel guilty for showing him : ) ) He loved it and wanted to see more, but I said NOPE! : ) Hope you guys like it : )

I will post my favorite ones after the wedding!
Hope everyone had a great weekend and happy monday!!


18 thoughts on “Dog Sitting and a sneak peak : )

  1. Kari Beth

    Brooke is AMAZING!!! I had the absolutely worst day when I had my bridal portraits taken…everything that could go wrong went wrong. But, Brooke managed to take some AMAZING pictures!! I cannot wait to see the rest of your pics and all the pics from your wedding. Good luck with whats left of the planning 🙂

  2. Brooke Bertalan

    I can always count on you to leave a post every day. Rachel, Lane, and Jennifer need to get on the ball. Haha!

    Yes, the Cowboys did horrible this weekend; yes I’m excited for Dallas weekend; Too cute Sadie and Drew; Like Sadie’s polka dot sweater; Your pic is beautiful!; Your cupcakes look sweet, wish I could’ve been there; and lastly, WHAT? Your hairdresser canceled??!!! I have to hear this excuse. Let me know if you need any help or if you already found a replacement. Poor Tara. 🙁

  3. Rachel

    Love the pics of my boys =)!! They look like they had a good time!!

    I think this picture is my favorite =)! I feel so priveleged that I got to see them all HAHAHA!!

  4. Carolyn

    I cannot wait to meet up with you girls on Saturday for lunch, too fun!

    GORGEOUS sneak peek but the suspense is killing me!!!

  5. Lane

    First off, I so hope you don’t get sick for this weekend!! Load up on that vitamin C girl! Hope you have fun this weekend!

    Second, you are going to be so gorgeous at your wedding! I can’t wait! The picture is awesome and I can’t wait to see more!! 🙂

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